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Full Version: That time again, bring me your WEBS
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So it's that time again, two months have already past? Well, I am going to be doing an update to my web this weekend, the SR Webpository. For that I need any and all websites around. If you would like your link added, or if you have changed your link since December let me know. It will be exciting to see what is out there.

Once I'm done getting an updated version of The Shop for Rigger 3 put together, I'll setup a webpage and send you the link.
Please post it here for everyone to enjoy.
I have little right now, but one day I hope Shadows of the Sixth World and the Grid Overwatch Division (please go easy on that one, it's only hosted by my home computer and I think it technically violates my TOS to have it anyway... needless to say I'll be changing my ISP service if/when it actually gets content) will be worthy of inclusion.

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