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this is a list of mods that are rather common these days for firearms that I kibbled over for Cyberpunk and really see no reason that Shadow run can't do it. As to how to convert them..... I'm open to suggestions

Iron Sight Lowlight Lenses: A passive system of relatively recent innovation by several manufacturers, it consists of small glass lenses or fiber optic cable fitted in the iron sights of a pistol designed to capture ambient light and give the user a somewhat limited ability to find targets in the dark. While not allowing for any great detail beyond normal pistol range, it will allow the user to spot rough movement in low light environments. Available in several in several lens colors (green, red, yellow, burnt orange, clear). Typically figured in with the cost of the pistol. Separate: $50 US from most pistol manufacturers.

Game Effects: as described above. This is not really meant to act as a low-light enhancer (+0 bonus), but it does give a chance of spotting perps better in the dark (no darkness penalties, but no adds either).

Personal Laser Generator Grip: With the miniaturization of energy and laser technologies, the underslung laser generator seen in most cinema has given way to a hardened rubber grip fitted to the back-end of the pistol containing a laser diode that sits just above where the forefinger would rest when gripping the pistol and the high capacity battery under the rubber grip. Many non-smart linked pistols contain a two step trigger mechanism to activate the PLGG before firing the pistol, whereas cyber-linked pistols control this option . Left or right hand PLGG’s are available and should be designated at purchase.

Game Effects: not too much to really add here, though PLGGs really shouldn’t go over a +1 to accuracy: the Laser diode generator is far too short for anything past that. OTOH, it doesn’t block up the pistol rail mount on the front of the pistol. Pricing is from $200-$400

Rail Systems: This is a fancy way of saying ‘option mount’ for a firearm. Typically, pistols (both cylinder and autoloader) with have a rail system under slung on the barrel built into the frame (or removable, though some may have a top or side mounted depending on the nature of the client request. The most common rail types is the Piccatiny system (preferred by many solos and police for the ease of swapability and stability).

Game Effects: you can put lasers, various lighting systems, or combo systems on the rail. Pricing varies from weapon to weapon, but really shouldn’t go over $50 US.

Tactical Submission Point: No one is entirely sure exactly where this idea came out of, but it has shown up in trideo entertainment and games with TSP’s attached to pistols with truly ridiculous lengths and the idea has spread to the street among the more violent gangers. But for the average boots on the ground policeman, security officer, or mercenary, the original idea is still valid. At the front of the pistol (usually built into the frame) is slanted block of metal one to two centimeters in length (angle varies) ending in a sharpened point meant to be used for close-in work. Given the tolerances of modern metallurgy, the TSP is very durable, sharp, and VERY intimidating to the average opponent, because it sends the message that you are willing to stab them with a pistol that has a block of shaped metal that can knock a hole in their skull.

Game Effects: +1 to melee damage if the pistol is used as a blunt instrument. You could get to +2 or +3 damage, but this tends to make the pistol unwieldy and frankly slow to draw (-1 per point over +1 to initiative). Please note: this damage is considered lethal. Use weapon customization rules and add 5% to weapon base cost.

New Rifle Mods

Tactical Handguards: This is, quite simply, a covering for the forward part of the assault weapon. Many modern basic guards are a formed plastic with some thermal venting to disperse heat. More complex ones allow spacing and rail systems built into the guard to allow for extra options, coming in a variety of colors depending on the tactical environment one will be going into. Some examples include:

Militech Free Float: A evenly spaced TH with screw mounts for left or right side options and a Adjustable rail for iron and scope sights (total: 3): $96
Militech Free Float 2: As above, but a two piece version to allow for quick swap out: $110
Sekigahara #4: As Militech Free Float 2 but designed for a Carbine, also has Picatinny Rail underslung for Vertical Grip option: $130
Sekigahara #9: As Militech Free Float, designed for a carbine, with Vertical Grip option: $164

Game Rules: nuff said

Tactical Rail Covers: As one might expect, there are covers for the tactical rail system to prevent them from being fouled. These can range from $12 for simple ones to $30 for more interesting versions that help disperse heat.

Game rules: pretty self explantory, though more expensive TRC’s might raise thermal spot TN’s by +5.

FastMag XT Rail Cover: $12
PerpDown: $15
PerpDown with Pocket: $25

Vertical Grips: In hindsight, a rather obvious addition to modern assault weapons. Simply put, it is a foregrip mounted on a rifle’s or carbine’s forward stock to allow for better controllability during single, burst, or automatic fire operations for the wielder. These can vary from cheaper plastic grips, to parkerized aluminum to carbon-fibre composite grips customized for right of left hand users and better traction.

Game effects: The real benefit for a weapon with this attached is the -1.0 modifier to recoil when figuring recoil for a weapon. Slightly heavier versions might offer -1.5, but these would become rather problematic and heavy after a time.

Composite Vertical Grip: $25 A light composite grip meant for most temperate zones
Aluminum Vertical Grip: $45 Anodized Aluminum grip
PerpDown Vertical Grip: $62 Plastic grip with quick release option
Arasaka ‘Jitte’ Vertical Grip: $89 Rubberized Aluminum grip with rubber ‘teeth’ to allow for better grasp

Pistol Grips: A common modification for AR’s is to swap the factory grip for a customized firing hand grip to allow for better control.

Game Effects: It’s a hand grip. What else yah want?

Dailung Fine Grip: $17: Available in many tacky colors and only cracks in –50F weather
PerpDown Battle Grip: $31: made of thermo-plastic with hardened GripSure Rubber to prevent slippage
Militech AR-179 Grip: $25: Used by most Militech rifles, has surfaced grip to allow for better traction

Iron Sights: the modern iron sight for a rifle or a pistol is no longer built into the frame, but is now a modifiable option with several possibilities available.

Cornhusker Arms BIS: $94: Basic forked Iron Sight. Adjustable for range.
Cornhusker Arms LLIS: $105: much like the above, but incorporates a Lowlight Lens system into the sight. Color for LLIS system can be selected at order.
Lazurus Security Sight Front: $140 As above but also Foldable into a safe position on the tactical handguard. Usually sold with the Lazurus Security Sight Rear
Lazurus Security Sight Rear: $120: often paired with the LSSF. Contains a small, manual range finder and when paired with the LSSF, gives +1 accuracy.
Arasaka Security LMT Rear Sight: $119: as the LSSR, in fact is a blatant copy of the LSSR. Much to Militech’s annoyance.
Keresov Tactical Sight: $99 A domestic licensed version of the Cornhusker Arms LLIS.

Game Effects: Uh, it’s a sight to look over and shoot things with.

Slings & Sling Mounts: These really haven’t changed much over the last few hundred years, excepting that the Nylon slings tend to be impregnated with anti-bacterial chemicals to prevent rot. Costs for such things will be anywhere from $25-$50 for a 2 or 3 point sling. And $25-$35 for the mounts.

Game Effects: While Slung into combat position, the weapon is consider braced for purposes of recoil reduction.

Magazines: in spite of what some people might think, there has been some advancement in the production of magazines in the materials used and options for the magazines

Militech 30-Round GI TefSlick Magazines: $12 each: The basic magazine for grunts of all sorts around the world, this magazine is for standard 5.56 caliber. Packing 30 rounds, the magazine has a Teflon coating on its moving parts to allow for easier ammunition feed and reload.

Militech 30-Round EliteForce Titanium Magazines: $20 Each: Essentially the same as the GI series, the Clip is made of titanium and is highly prized for it’s resistance to the elements and general abuse by Spec-forces and any regular line-infantry that can get their hands on them.

Lazurus MagPul 5.56: $10 for three pack: As the name suggests this is a hardened plastic clip on for magazines to make reloading in a firefight faster.

Militech SpecFor Plate: $20 For three pack: A slightly more refined version of the Mag Pul, this is a finger plate that fits under the clip and the infantryman pulls forward to release the clip.

Game Effects: this is mostly for the GM to interpret, but the Magpul and plates might lower the difficulty of clearing a jam related to the clip. TefSlick clips might also increase reliability by one rank.
Most of this sounds like things that are already in the game.

The laser system isn't really any different than the laser that is in the game already.

The low-light iron sights are just a scope with low-light, or perhaps an improved camera.

Rail system is already in Arsenal.

TSP is just melee hardening or adding a bayonet. Nothing special there.

Just glancing through the rest of the stuff, it all looks like things that already exist.
Barrel re-fingerprinting
Cost: one coat hanger

Through focused reshaping of the barrel using the highest quality tools, made of steel alloy mixes, the natural, microscopic pits and gouges within the barrel that give a distinct 'fingerprint' to each bullet fired are carefully reshaped and reworked. It's like a new gun!*

Game effects: +4 to any forensic attempts to match pre and post op barrel fingerprints. -1 to any reliability tests made with the firearm.

*"New gun" qualifier only applies to users who regularly find their new guns in the dumpster, after some dude with more tattoos than teeth jammed a bent coat hanger up and down the barrel repeatedly, then handed it over to you to test fire.
Couldn't have said it better, Nezumi and Karoline.

TheWanderingJewels, While the only addition I see to the gear and accessories already listed in the texts is your anti-rot sling. I have yet to meet a GM who has intentionally tried to degrade firearm accessories. Perhaps my GM's were a bit lax..or rather weren't. They would have rather shot me up with narcojet or stick-n-shock.

The majority of your ideas are just fluffed out versions of existing gear, The options presented in the books are always open to interpretation. (IMHO) As well as to be fluffed out by the player, feel free to make your gear as custom as need be. That's why the firearm design rules exist..also why your imagination does. Or at least I hope it does.
Nice list, Jewels! Some interesting ideas for mods that incorporate real-world firearm tech. I'm a big fan of additional world depth, and if this lets me show my players something new, it will have been well worth the read. Thanks for sharing!
Barrel Reduction: 20Y, Required - Kit
Bayonet Mount: 20Y, Required - Kit
Exchangeable Weapon Mod: +50Y, Required - Shop
Folding Stock: 30Y, Required - Kit
Foregrip: 50Y, Required - Shop
Skinlink: 50Y, Required - Kit
Sling/Lanyard: 10Y, Required - Kit
Underbarrel Weight: 25Y, Required - Kit

There. No mod over 50 nuyen.gif , most requiring Kits (at most Shop).

Way to boost up your mooks reasonably, for less than 100 nuyen.gif .
Well everyone goes the cyber mounts and options with guns usually...this was meant to be low impact stuff...but added colour
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