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Full Version: Falling Damage?
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Hey all,

Looking for some falling rules in the main they exist? I had a troll last game with Body 11 (12) decide to jump from the top of a 4 story building, and I couldn't find any rules. He didn't have athletics either.....Any insight? Not that falling trolls are all that common, mind you, but in case this comes up again....


Also, looking for a Gaming group in the Muncie/Richmond area. I currently GM (but never have played SR) and think that playing it would help with these questions immensely! Email ctaylor(at)parallax(dot)ws if you know of one/got one going on.

Doh! Forgot to add that it's Muncie/Richmond Indiana! Here in the heart of Redneck Country!
they're in SRComp, but you can also rig up your own rules by applying the acceleration and terminal velocity of a falling obect to the collision rules in the Rigger section of SR3.
Moonstone Spider
As I recall in SR3 it says the damage is always D and the power is equal to the fall in meters. Most GMs don't both to roll for 1 meter or even 2 meter falls though.

From a 4 story building that would be aprox 12D, 3 meters to a floor and 4 floors. Your troll is looking at probably S or D damage there.
Wait, so if I, with a body of let's say 3 or 4, fall one meter, I'm looking at probably a serious wound? Does this sound mind numbingly retarded to anyone else?

There are canon falling rules that make more sense, as I recall. I'm sure someone'll dig them up.
just to add a little bit of reality to this topic
If you fall 6 feet or 1.8 meters statisticly you are dead.


there have been a few people that have fallen out of air planes that have survived so take that statsitic with a grain of salt.
moonstone is on teh crackzz0r. in SRComp, the damage level is determined by distance, with the power being equal to meters fallen. in SR3, collision damage is, i believe, base S damage, with power being equal to mpt/10.

and the people who fell out of airplanes and survived did so with hand of god, not any fluke rolls.
John Campbell
QUOTE (xizor)
just to add a little bit of reality to this topic
If you fall 6 feet or 1.8 meters statisticly you are dead.

I'm feeling pretty good for a guy who's statistically dead four times over... that I can think of offhand...
There have been quite a few people who survived a fall out of an airplane... INTO WATER. As for the rules, that deadly damage thing blows. I once jumped off the roof of a two-story building and wasn't hurt a bit. Off the top of my head, I would say that all falls have a power equal to the number of meters you fall minus 5, plus one for every (2x strength) kilos of stuff you are carrying. The damage level is trickier, but I'd base it on quickness, because quickness should have some impact on falling damage. How about less than Q meters is light, Q to 2Q meters is moderate, 2Q-3Q meters is serious, and more than 3Q meters is deadly.
They're on page forty-six of the Shadowrun Companion. Under the rules you can fall up to twenty meters before taking Deadly damage. It's certainly not meters fallen D as the damage, although I think it used to be. This lead to the occasional freak occurance where you'd have a PC that accidentally tripped over, rolled all one's on their body test and cracked their skulls open taking Deadly damage. That may have had something to do with why it changed. smile.gif
The Jopp
One guy survived a 1 Km fall from an airplane when his parachute failed to open. He fell straight down into a suspended iron grid(grille?) (apparently a few metres off the ground, it became bent and twisted but he survived with only a bruise on the brain. eek.gif

This was not in-game but an actual event, I had a hard time believing it at first but the article was true.
like i said, hand of god.

according to SRComp, the power of a fall is equal to 1/2 the meters fallen. so a 21m fall would do 10D damage.
it all depends on where all the energy goes to. this is why they have crumble zones on new cars as these burn up kinetic energy by deforming metal long before it reaches you in the seat.

same thing with falling out of a airplane, if the surface you land on is flexible it can absorb some of the kinetic energy by moveing. landing on rock or concrete can be deadly from a very low altitude.

there is allso some info about parachuteing in the CC i think (or was it M&M?).

both fallig damage and collision damage is regulated by speed i think, but ill check it closer when i get access to my books.
with collisions, the power of the the impact is equal the the speed of the object in mpt, divided by 10. the damage level is also related to speed: 20 mpt, L; 60, M; 200, S; 201+, D. parachuting is in CC.
bingo smile.gif
did the parachuteing section cover falling damage?
4M damage from impact every time you land, resisted by Body and allocated succs from the 'chuting test. other than that, you just use SRComp.
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