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It sucks, doesn't it, to be put on the spot as GM for the night, having done absolutely no prep work, and without any idea of what you want to do? Maybe it's a situation unique to me, but my players enjoy being put into one-off scenarios which may or may not hint at mysteries and conspiracies behind the scene, and so instant pick-up-and-use scenarios work well. There was a thread like this on the D&D forums which helped me time and time again, so I would like to start one for Shadowrun.

I think it would be great (for me, and possibly for other people) to have a thread going where people share ideas for runs.

Some guidelines for a run that is usable by many groups:

> Should not rely too heavily upon one skill set, i.e. hacking or diplomacy; there should be an alternative at least

> Should be of scalable complexity and difficulty

> Should fit comfortably into a generic City of Seattle or other Shadowrun setting

> Should have some level of appeal in the form of moral ambiguity, possible story opportunities, etc.

> Should have some amount of detail, i.e. who the Johnson is, why Johnson needs shadowrunners to do the job, and the specific obstacles the PCs will encounter.

Please use this format to keep things looking nice:

Title (Type)
Come up with a title for your run. Note what kind of work it is mainly-- Assassination, reconnaissance, VIP escort, gang warfare, etc.

Describe the Johnson's motives, the mission objectives, the obstacles, any twists or backstabs, etc.

Describe the possible consequences of the run or any other comments you have.

Thank you all for your help and I hope you too can benefit from this thread!
This should get the ball rolling: "Burnout: 501 Shadowrun Ideas" by the infamous BlackJack. smile.gif
Well, I feel dumb now... Still, sharing ideas is good, right?

Sharing is Caring (Heist)

Johnson is a suave man in a nice suit and a matching fedora, sporting high-quality cybereyes, who implies that he's affiliated with a well-connected gang or organization, maybe a corp. He arranges to meet them in a makeshift meeting room in the basement of an innocuous-looking building, where he uses a trid projector to show the party what he knows about the place's security measures. If the PCs manage to read his mind then things might be spoiled that shouldn't be, so perhaps he has a magician with him for just such a purpose. For reasons he won't say, Mr. Johnson needs a magic artifact (or some containers of a substance, perhaps) stolen from a high-security facility, and he needs it done tonight. He's willing to pay you 10% of everything you steal from the place.

Try to subtly hint that the players can negotiate Johnson higher than 10%. He will (very grudgingly) agree to pay them some in advance. He should be reluctant to pay them more than 20%. The negotiation as well as the time urgency will make the players less likely to suspect that Johnson intends to kill them so as not to have to share the loot.

In my case, the players were told that the vault was in the basement of an Aztechnology-owned hospital, the hospital workers and staff knowing nothing about the high-security facility right underneath them which is only accessible through a few inconspicuous doors. There were all kinds of Eigen Plot-ish reasons the PCs couldn't just break down the door and shoot (or even invisibly sneak) straight to where they wanted to go.

the PCs are instructed to transport the crates to some quiet location for pickup, whereupon Johnson's organization attacks them.

The point of stealing whatever it is from the vault is not because it's incredibly valuable so much as because Johnson doesn't want Aztechnology to have it. The obvious answer is that they're trying to perform some kind of ritual, which would explain why the mission is so time sensitive and why it's more important that Aztechnology doesn't have it. Johnson doesn't know this; he's just a criminal with a nose for when important things are happening and/or one of Aztechnology's rivals who wants to screw them over.
QUOTE (Kazuhiro @ Mar 7 2010, 07:50 PM) *
Well, I feel dumb now... Still, sharing ideas is good, right?
Don't be silly! Of course more ideas are better!
I figured this was also a way for me to switch up the feel of our runs.
Hey Kazu, check out the How To search Dumpshock in Method's sig if you haven't already. It helped when I first started looking around here in earnest. The basic search isn't really that useful. Also if you need a bunch of pre made runs, the Catalyst Game site has the missions adventures for both Denver (SR4) and for Seattle (SR3). You can also buy the Missions for New York from a variety of sources. And yeah, more ideas are always good. I got a bunch from somewhere on here I think but I can't remember for sure. Any of these look familiar to anyone?

Mysterious Package
One of the gang members that none of the party knows asks them to deliver a package to two other gangs. The PC's do so and when they deliver the package to the "meet", the other two gangs act like they know nothing about this. The other gangs take the package, it's a bomb which will blow them both to kibble. The other two gangs start a war on the PC's gang. The PC's should then try to sort this mess out. The original person that gave them the parcel is from a 4th gang, who was hoping to start a gang war to reduce the 3 gangs power so his gang could wipe them all out.

Return of USS Carolina
PCs are hired to enter an old ship, check it out and get it back to the mainland, there is a small crew already there, they need to do technical repairs and stuff. PCs are hired to guard against pirates and things. Boat disappeared totally for 40 years, but it's worth a ton. On board the ship is a horror, Shedim, that can "possess" people in comes in contact with on-board. It induces fear, hatred and jealousy amongst it's victims and drinks their nightmares. When a possessed person is killed, which is normally soon, it leaps and possesses the next person that touches it's corpse.

One Was Bad Enough
PCs are hired by Renraku, who do not even attempt to hide the fact. They want the PCs to investigate one of their research centers, which they've lost all communication with. They will chopper the players onto the roof, so that they venture inside and see what is up. The building has been taken over by hi-tech terrorists, Tera-first and will fight to the death for the place. They are exacting certain scientific information. Although during the break in, the terrorists accidentally released a powerful stag beetle spirit which is feeding from the place.

I've got a bunch more after these but maybe someone can point you to where ever they came from originally.
Patrick the Gnome
I have a run I've been meaning to try out, it's based on the movie Jonny Mnemonic so I guess the Mnemonic Run works as a name.

It starts where your team is hired as to deliver a message from Red Shield Medical spies working in New York back to your employer in Seattle. The reason the corp gives you for this is that they don't want any chance of the message being intercepted on the matrix and they're outsourcing because your team has no connection to the corp and therefore won't be suspected of being the people who are carrying the delicate information. So the corp gives you roundtrip plane tickets and sends you off to New York. Nothing particularly exciting happens on the way there and they get to the meeting point unscathed.

When the team gets there, they discover that the manner in which they'll be carrying the message will be that one of them will get a nanotattoo transcribed on their body that will respond to a specific decription key to reveal the information (the team isn't given the key and the tattoo doesn't require essence loss). Whichever team member decides to take the tattoo will be taken to a back room, restrained while undergoing the procedure, and will be kept out of the ensuing fight.

Near the end of the required time it takes to get the tattoo, the team's host will get a knock on their door. He will go to answer and then be flung back by gunfire as the door is flung wide. 5 Triad Posse members (pg. 284 of 4a) and a Lieutenant (replacing his sword weapon focus with a Monofilament whip weapon focus) will burst into the room, shooting at anyone who is obviously armed (the Lieutenant won't fight unless one of his posse gets take out or he gets shot at) and attempting to subdue anyone who isn't (any resistance will be met with gunfire though). It may be possible for team members to talk their way out of this situation (they would be questioned, taken to Triad Headquarters, then released once the nanites were extracted), but more likely this will lead to a fight. If the lieutenant is killed, all the mooks will run. The lieutenant won't run unless the fight is completely hopeless, at which point he may either run out the door or jump out the window (depending on his position). The tattoo artist will finish and tell the team where to go to deliver the information. He will also tell them that if the nanites are removed prematurely, they will self-destruct and the team won't receive pay. Depending on whether or not any of the Triad members escaped, there may be another conflict with the gang (GM's discretion).

On the way back to Seattle, the tattooed member will begin to feel sick (Disease Power 3, Speed 6 hours, Malaise, Power increases by 1 every 24 hours, once total power exceeds 10 victim begins taking 1 incurable Stun damage every hour until dead, disease won't end until an antidote is given). A first aid/medicine check of 2 will determine that the ailment is being caused by the nanites and a first aid/medical 3 check will tell the group that removing the nanites won't cure the disease. Attempting to contact the corp will be met with no knowledge of the disease and speculation that the team member may have caught a bug.

After about 8 hours, the tattoo artist will contact you demanding to know about infighting within the triad. The reason for this is that the tattoo artist teamed up with a hacker (the host who was killed by gunfire) to steal information on a new drug being developed by Orchid Pharmaceuticals. The hacker had used his contacts within the triad to hire people to carry the information to corporate buyers in the Blue Garden Health Organization, but the triad members who were supposed to carry the nanites were intercepted and killed before they could get there and the players' team was mistaken for them. This was the reason for the triad's response, they were sent to avenge the group who got taken out in route to the hacker's place. After the team took out the triad's response force, they went back to the apartment, captured the artist (who hadn't realized that the men who'd attacked his place were triad) and interrogated him before allowing him to contact the team.

The tattoo artist will tell your team about his instructions to poison the tattoo receiver with a biologically designed disease that only Blue Garden Health has the cure to, thus insuring that the team would take the nanites to them and nobody else. The team may gather that whatever information Red Shield Medical had about the nanites, it didn't include this. Now, the only way to cure the disease affecting the team member will be to get the cure from Blue Garden.

A data search of Blue Garden will reveil that they are an A ranked corp with their fingers in just about everything related to medicine. A higher difficulty data search will reveil that Blue Garden also has a lucrative black market poisons industry, and that they are responsible for nearly all toxins available to Shadowrunners. Hacking Blue Garden's database will reveil information about the disease that's infecting the party member and reveil the cure for it's location within the corp. If the team decides to contact Blue Garden, they will find the corp to be receptive to the idea of receiving the nanites from the team in exchange for curing the diseased team member, however, it will take skilled negotiation to cause the corp to offer any nuyen in exchange for it, and if they do, it will be for less than half the team would get if they successfully deliver the nanites to Red Shield.

A data search of Orchid will find that it is a (relatively) small corporation dedicated to developing drugs for Awakened diseases and ailments affecting the magically active. Hacking their database with security access will reveal information about a new drug in development that could cure metahumans infected with HMHVVIII if administered at the point between infection and ghoulification. Admin level access will reveil this information as well as their dives into cyberzombie research and development.

A data search of Red Shield will reveil that it is in fact a sub corp of Saeder-Krupp, and therefore has the greatest resources of all 3 corps. Hacking the corp's database may discover information about the corp's scheme to steal the formula for HMHVVIII's cure, although the team won't find much more useful information than this.

Whether the team decides to hand over the nanites to Blue Garden or attempt to steal the cure from them, they will first be attacked by Hank Remus, a cyberzombie developed by Orchid who has finally tracked down Orchid's stolen information.

(Hank Remus:
B - 13, A - 10, R - 13, S - 11
C - 2, I - 5(4), L - 3, W - 4(5)
Init - 18, IP - 3, Ess = -2.98, Magic - 1, Edge - 4
Armor: 18/16(24/22 against normal weapons), 20 physical boxes of damage (ignores stun when pain editor active), base unarmed dice pool 18(20 on full offense), base unarmed damage 11P

Martial Arts 5 (+5 DV Unarmed)
Finishing Move
Full Offense
Immunity to Normal Weapons (6)
Combat Monster
Bad Luck
Gremlins 1

Athletics 3
Assensing (Astral Perception) 2
Astral Combat (Spirits) 3
Intimidation (Physical) 2
Perception (Visual) 5
Tracking 4 (Active Soft)
Unarmed Combat (Martial Arts) 6
Dodge (Ranged) 3(5)

Obvious Cyberarms(B: 13 A: 12 S: 13)
-Customized Agility 6
-Customized Strength 6
-Customized Body 6
-Armor 4
-Strength 4
-Agility 3
-Enhanced Capacity 4
-Body 4
Obvious Cyberlegs(B: 13 A: 9 S: 11)
-Customized Agility 6
-Customized Strength 6
-Customized Body 6
-Armor 4
-Strength 2
-Body 4
-Hydraulic Jacks 6
Obvious Torso
-Customized Agility 6
-Customized Strength 6
-Customized Body 6
-Armor 4
-Body 4
-Enhanced Capacity 2
Move-by-wire 2
Reaction Enhancer 3
Radar Sensor 4
Pain Editor
Platelet Factories


Swat Armor/Helmet

Depending on the team's power, they may either fight Hank or run away. Hank has access to a car, but he will have been tracking the team on foot by the time he finds them and his combat monster quality won't allow him to let them escape. If the team runs he will chase on foot and attempt to latch on to the car. If the team fights and wins they won't have to deal with Hank in the future. Hank has orders to kill everyone on the team (Orchid has the formula, they just need to kill the person carrying it to ensure their security).

Assuming the team attempts to infiltrate Blue Garden, they will be able to gain access to the system's security via wireless hacking. The building containing the disease's antidote is an office building in downtown Seattle, 85 floors above ground, 10 floors below, with the antidote being held on floor 60 in a secure facility. The building has no air defenses, it is entirely possible for a running team with the right means to fly to the 60th floor and break in through a window, although this will prompt security very easily if they're not careful (Lone star response of GM's choosing appearing within 5 minutes of an alerted break-in). If players can't fly or climb, they will have to infiltrate from the ground up. There will be no obvious security guards in the lobby. If the team attempts any hostile action, they will be attacked by 4 security turrets (stats of the MCT-Nissan Roto-drone, 8 dice to hit) wielding AK-97 Carbines using gel rounds. The secretary in the lobby will accept any believable excuse (pizza delivery) to get into the first 20 above ground floors of the building and the elevator. Security access or a valid appointment with anyone on the 60th floor will enable the team to go to the 60th floor. The elevator's security is designed to allow a person to go to authorized floors only. It determines access based on a card reader, so a sufficient hacker will be able to hack the card reader to make the elevator go to whichever floor the team desires. The building has an emergency stairwell, but each floor has a security door (Barriers pg 166 4a) and breaking any one of them down will alert security. Astral Security consists of a force 3 ward placed on the perimeter of the building and one Corpsec Lietenant (pg 282 4a) with a force 3 spirit of man summoned.

Whatever way the runners make it to the 60th floor, they will be confronted there by a normal office environment surrounding a reinforced concrete center. There will be 6 more security turrets in this area, again using gel rounds. There will be one door leading into the reinforced room and it will require a simultaneous iris and fingerprint scan of someone with the right authority to enter the room. Of the 20 or so people outside the room, only 1 or 2 will have access to the security room. Previous information from hacking with admin access will have given the team the faces of those with access. Without this information or sufficient onsite hacking skills, the team will be forced to break down the door. The room itself is protected by a rating 5 ward against astral intruders.

After entering the room, the team will find that it is divided into 3 sections. They will enter into the middle section, which will have a windows and plate glass doors entering the other two sections. There will be biohazard suits in the middle room and the team won't be able to enter either room without a 4 digit code entered on a keypad. There will be maybe 3 or 4 scientists working in both rooms who will act alarmed when the runners enter. Unless stopped before acting, any one of the scientists will immediately alert security. Even if the runners are unable to question a scientist, they will be able to find a clearly labeled cabinet in each room that has the antidotes for about 8 experimental poisons and diseases the company is developing. None of these antidotes will cause any harm to the tattooed runner (this is discoverable with 2 hits on a First Aid/Medicine check) so simply injecting him/her with all of them will cure him of the nanite poison.

If at any time the runners alert security with their presence (by performing a hostile or suspicious action in front of a security camera or causing an office worker to trip a silent alarm) they will be set upon by a group of 15 Corporate Security as well as the Corporate lieutenant and his spirit of man. Security will be able to get to any part of the building within one minute of the alarm being triggered and their objective will be to hold down the runners long enough for lone star to arrive, which will be about 5 minutes after the alarm is triggered. Once the security alarm is triggered, the elevator will be disabled except for people with security access and all emergency doors will lock. If the runners got to the 60th floor via elevator the elevator they used will have its power cut. In addition to the response from Lone Star, if the runners didn't kill Hank he will also be alerted to their presence at Blue Garden and will get there 20 minutes after the alarm has been triggered. If the runners are still in the building by that time, he will burst through Lone Star's perimeter and travel to whichever floor the runners are on via the stairwell (taking him about 7 seconds per floor). Runners will have to move quickly once an alarm is triggered to avoid both Lone Star and Hank.

If the runners are forced to flee Blue Garden before obtaining the antidote, Blue Garden may still provide the antidote to the runners with a successful negotiation and perhaps some small incentive.

If the runners manage to escape Blue Garden with the antidote they will be able to deliver the nanites to Red Shield without any more difficulty. Successful negotiations may convince Red Shield to increase their payout due to extreme circumstances. Depending on their actions during the run, the team may gain the enmity of Blue Garden, Orchid, Hank Remus specifically, the Triad, or Red Shield, although this last is difficult to accomplish without direct provocation.
Thank you all for your help. I'll look into running official Missions, and I'll start searching before I post >_>

Upstaging the Cops (Search and Destroy)


Johnson doesn't even refer to himself as Mr. Johnson, but by whatever codename he fancies; he's the leader of a gang who loves grandstanding and showing the other gangs who's boss. In my case it was the Halloweeners. He's paying handsomely for freelancers to help him with an operation that can only be described as a bloodbath: Big, violent, loud-- and unbeknownst to the players in the beginning-- televised. The gang boss has anonymously tipped Lone Star (or Knight Errant, or corp security forces, whichever fits your campaign) off to a big transaction happening between two other gangs. Drugs, people, guns, etc. are changing hands.

In my campaign, the players watched the gangsters arrive at a warehouse followed a few minutes later by a swarm of cop cars. The PCs' employer then sets off a deadly trap that destroys, kills, incapacitates, etc. most of the police. In my case, every single gangster bike and truck parked outside the warehouse exploded at once.

The PCs then storm the warehouse and slaughter the rival gangsters inside while the gang boss goes up to the cameras and brags about how he's doing Lone Star's job for them.


This might not jive with all groups, because not all players fancy themselves full-on terrorists like mine do.
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