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My GM and I are confused about how dual natured critters handle astral combat.
We are unsure if they have to use only their mental attributes to fight astral stuff, considering they exist in both plane simultaneously.
Also, do they have to use astral combat? I ask this because last time i checked, dragons didnt had that skill.

So, whats up with all that?
They get to use physical stats or mental ones, at the critter's discretion (generally the higher set).
I usually have them use physical attributes/skills against physical and other dual-natured enemies. Against purely astral enemies they often use Astral Combat.
So they can choose what stats they use?

Where is it written, so I can confirm this?
QUOTE (SR4A page 193 under "Astral Combat")
Astrally perceiving and dual-natured characters use their Physical attributes and skills to fight opponents with a physical body, and their Astral Combat + Willpower to fight wholly astral entities. Astrally projecting characters use their Mental attributes in place of Physical ones... along with the Astral Combat skill.
Great, thanks a ton!
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