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Metatype: Human
3 Strength
4 Agility
5 Reaction
3 Body
3 Logic
4 Intuition
4 Will Power
2 Charisma
3 Magic
3 Edge
• 4: Athletics
o Climbing
o Gymnastics
o Running
o Swimming
• 4: Close Combat
o Blades
o Clubs
o Unarmed Combat
• 1: Influence
o Con
o Etiquette
o Leadership
o Negotiation
• 1: Outdoors
o Navigation
o Survival
o Tracking
• 1: Stealth
o Disguise
o Infiltration
o Palming
o Shadowing
• 3: Throwing Weapons
• 3: Assensing
• 4: Dodge
Adept Powers
• 2: Combat Sense
• 2: Improved Ability (Katana)
• 2: Improved Reflexes
Dojo: 4/1
05 Adept
05 Pacifist

Here is the above build, I was wondering if you guys can critique it... Things that are needed include the equipment and negative qualities.
Since I know where this is coming from, I suggest making it the 5 point pacifist quality instead of the 10 point. The 10 point version says you can't even hurt anything, even in self defense. And if the character does give in, then they suffer ultra depression for weeks. Best give it over to the 5 point 'fight only in self defense' version unless you're playing Gandhi.
Yeah, max Pacifist is just too heavy a burden for any runner, and being a martial artist besides would be crippling. I would also drop Dodge; you can use Gymnastics to dodge gunfire instead in most situations and you can use any of your Close Combat skills to defend yourself up close. That way you could afford to go with Pacifist (mild) and pick up some other nifty things besides, like another point of Magic or Edge.
whoops Thought the ultra pacifist was 15 points not 10...

Anyway what book is Honor Code & Wanted in anyway?

Should he pick up any positive qualities?
Runner's companion.
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