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Full Version: Abnormal Character Concepts
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I'm running a one shot for a small convention the gaming group at my school is hosting.

Since it's a one-shot, I'm wanting to use the character concepts that aren't viable, cost-wise, in a normal campaign. The drakes, the free spirits, the AIs. Whatever.

What I need from Dumpshock is the actual character builds. What characters have you wanted to play? Who have you been unable to bring into a game, just because they wouldn't be able to keep up with the group?
I think that a free spirit looks like fun, but with 250bp base cost and being capped by their Force, you're looking at serious difficulty at putting a decent character together. Assuming you raise your Force to 3 and get all your stats to human normal, you have 340bp and 60bp left to fix up your character. If you want any stats at 4, you need to raise Force to 4 first. Or do I completely misunderstand how this works?

Nope. You've got that right. Force limits stats.

Mickle5125: you looking for 400 BP characters, 750 Karma characters, or...?
And here I was thinking about a changeling with a cephalopoidal skull and insectiod features (think Davey Jones with faceted eyes and pinciers) when I red the title.
Wiggles Von Beerchuggin'
K-10 addicted bear shifter melee adept.
I believe I have an AI build I squirreled for better times.
Aurelia the 400BP AI hacker to be precise. She also has a couple of drones, a van and Piloting Origin. I intended to use her as a tactical advisor/support AI in a game where players were a high-threat police squad.
Here she is:
QUOTE (Wiggles Von Beerchuggin' @ Mar 11 2010, 09:33 PM) *
K-10 addicted bear shifter melee adept.

That would be scary. I'm already familiar with a bear shifter adept who can dig through concrete.
QUOTE (Draco18s @ Mar 11 2010, 08:25 PM) *
Mickle5125: you looking for 400 BP characters, 750 Karma characters, or...?

Mainly looking at the 400 BP variations. Pre-erata karmagen wasn't as big of a problem for most of these builds.

To give out a bit more information about the game, I'm calling it "Freaks on a Leash." It's a LA setting game with the PCs being assembled for a test-run of a P2.0 show by the same name. Participants in the show have been selected for their unusual nature, making this a very pink-mohawk-style game.
QUOTE (Draco18s @ Mar 11 2010, 10:10 PM) *
That would be scary. I'm already familiar with a bear shifter adept who can dig through concrete.

Could I hear more about this build?
Quickly whipped up a one-shot version of Slinky. He's a little rough around the edges as far as a build is concerned--he's got a little over 10k left to spend (or could be converted into build points--can't reduce debt with it unless you want to take a different flaw) and 3 knowledge skill ranks that could be assigned to anything--but should be good for a one-shot. His primary focus is on being able to get into places unseen (dynamic colored skin, camouflage spell, high agility) as well as hack any computer systems mainly through brute for application of Logic (remember: if you're directly interfacing with a control panel you use Hardware or Hacking + Logic).

His spells (7 dice to cast, 9 to resist drain, "max force" of 3*) are centered on being able to infiltrate. Need intel behind a door? Need a passcode? Borrow [that guy's] Senses! Camouflage, as stated, plus Increase Reflexes and a F3 Sustaining focus for having those passes in combat.

He's not a combat monster by any means, but if he gets the jump on someone (especially in dracoform, which should be real easy with Camouflage and high infiltration rolls (8 dice while moving, or 10 standing still, after the sustained spell, with hopefully a -3** on the opposition's perception pool)) he could take them down: 11 dice^ to the attack roll, put 2 into direct damage (surprised target can't dodge) -> ~3 hits -> 9P damage AP -2.

If your player wants to be a little better at Agility (soft-capped) they can steal a point from Body, Reaction, Intuition, or by sacrificing Catlike (which is only +1 to Infiltration and Shadowing, rather than all Agl skills, but the flavor makes a nice touch). Means they can Called Shot for +1 more damage (hitting that nice 10P mark) and have a sexy 8 Agility in dracoform (which they should be in all the time--I did not give Slinky armor because it doesn't fit drakes and the natural 4/4 should be considered a "perk" rather than "getting squishier").

*Or five, if you run the "full magic = max force" thing for mystic adepts. Though, all of his spells are based on hits and he can't really take the drain for anything higher than a F3 spell anyway.
**Or over cast for F6, still only 1 drain, and hope for a bunch of successes (though with such a low drain, if Slinky has the time he can just keep casting until he gets as many as he'd like--you'll want at least 3 to have some benefit to your Stealth rolls after the sustaining penalty). No point in getting a sustaining focus for this spell, as low force isn't too great of a benefit; though you could drop the 10k on a F1 focus and then have the full 10 dice to infiltrate and still have the -1 on all spotters (its a valid choice, just not one I made in campaign play as I spent every last BP on things this sheet didn't).
^Only if you drop Camouflage first, which you can do without penalty.
QUOTE (655321 @ Mar 11 2010, 11:33 PM) *
Could I hear more about this build?

Friend's character, I keep telling him to post it on Dumpshock. He has something like 14 strength and has the Smashing Blow adept power. A single melee attack against a wall does, on average, 40 damage (enough to chew through ~15cm of a 1x1 meter concrete wall). So even accounting for his size and digging a 2x2 meter tunnel he digs at a rate your average human would be lucky to get using a shovel against loose dirt (say, your back yard).
The Jake
I usually don't go for anything too exotic but here's some:

* An AI with the Pilot Origin quality. A former agent security program for a high research Mitsuhama facility, it keeps talking about blowing people away, referring to humans as "meatbags", etc. Uncouth.

* A Disonant TechnoMancer recently broken out of a high grade security facility. Wanted, Enemy, Records on File.

- J.
QUOTE (The Jake @ Mar 12 2010, 07:17 PM) *
* An AI with the Pilot Origin quality. A former agent security program for a high research Mitsuhama facility, it keeps talking about blowing people away, referring to humans as "meatbags", etc. Uncouth.

Or as loyal troubleshooters?
Here's a character I did for another thread, tweaked a bit to fit here (added SURGE, changed the background slightly).

[ Spoiler ]
I made a Shapeshifter Face Adept Surge hybrid a while back, he was a good character until i made a stupid mistake and got hauled off to a Horizon rehab camp... probably the most unique character i've ever written.

[ Spoiler ]

thanks guys!
at one point in a game I played in one of the characters took complete amnesia....

it was pretty awesome, the GM completely made a character, even rolled to determine whether to go physical, mage, adept, hacker, rigger, etc...

since the player had no idea what the character was the GM was pretty liberal with all costs... probably making something more like a 500 bp char with more money alotment than norm

came up with a short 1 pg description of how the character woke up, covered in blood, a pistol in his hand, 3 dead bodies in the room with some description of one looking like somebody had tried to perform improptu surgery on the table...

so the player assumed he had atleast some pistol skill... since he was holding one and atleast one of the bodies had been shot... i forget what all the clues were, but the idea was, he was on the run, found another dead body that I believe was suppose to be his old fixer, and the combination of clues led him to believe he was stuck being a shadowrunner because anything else was surely jail or death.... and so he made contact with one of our characters contacts...

it was pretty fun, although probably some work for the GM, but the player had a blank sheet, that he filled in as he figured things out... and any time a situation arose where his character would know something the GM would role a flashback to see how well the character remembered, and then let him know what skill his character had just used... and if he rolled high enough he let him know at what level he had it.... the GM did a good job of coming up with little story snippets for each skill to help fill in a complete backstory too... made for an incredibly interesting first 5-6 runs
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