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So I'm trying to start a campaign, i think a higher level, maybe 425-450 BP, and having the players start out as company men for Saeder-Krupp. Any ideas on how I handle their expanded access to company resources? Or ideas in general?

thanks gang
Add in a manager that micromanges everything they do, much to their detriment (think of having Dilbert's manager as your permnent boss). Also---as an SK operative, SK probably has a file on them, but then how secure is that file and how much do other corps know about them (leads to all sorts of complications when doing a mission).

Additionally, remember any corp is all about profit. So any mission they do is also about profit. This means the corp will limit PC's access to gear, based on the bedget, and the approval process.

Hello, I'd like to request a panther cannon.
Please provide your budget code.
Sure, its 456.
Ok, DId fill out your 360.
Yes. here it is.
I'm sorry, your supervisor and his boss did not sign off on this. (see above)
Ummm. Is that necessary?
Yes, please resubmit your request once you recieve those apporvals.

Boss, could you sign this request.

Sure what is it?

I need a panther assault cannon for our trip to Africa.


Hmmm, big critters, ghouls light aircraft and drones.

(Boss looks at the approval form)
I'll have to get a hold of Dogbert. This may take a few weeks. He is really busy.

Oh. But my plane leaves tomorrow.

Oh well, then I guess I just saved us alot of work....


Saint Sithney
So, rather than keeping them as deniable assets, you're going to have them on the payroll directly? That sort of limits the stuff they can do. Basically all an official SK killer can do is onsite security. The reason that companies like that hire Shadowrunners is to cross sovereign borders and take care of "internal difficulties" without all the paperwork. If they're official, they can't break the law at all or SK gets in trouble.

I guess one thing which could work for an official payroll team is sweep and clean on newly purchased lands and properties. The sort of, thing where SK just purchased some old factory land and found a mess of ghouls living in the ruined structure.
Patrick the Gnome
I could see SK hiring a legitimate fighting force to be used even in illegal ventures, when they need people who are less disposable but more loyal to the company. They'd still be deniable assets, there'd just be an easier to follow paper trail leading from them to SK. The team would have to be real careful about revelaing its identity though.
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