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Ancient History
So, after an exceptionally long hiatus, it looks like I might have some free time to update the old Ancient Files in the near future. Towards that end, I've uploaded a new page collecting various bits of Shadowrun fan fiction and excerpts from the last several years. More is to come!
YAY! ^^
edit: also: ack x.x you did not lie when you wrote that your scanned notes were dangerous to our eyes @.@
Ancient History
Try the goggles.
The Googles they do nothing!!!!

Yey more ancient history goodness.
Your writing is sacrly close to mine same with your style of doodling freaked me out for a sec.
Tiger Eyes
And this is why we all love AH...
Yes we do ^^
Thanks, AH. I think its safe to say that, We all look forward to future updates.
By safe I mean that, currently, there are no Red dots on my meat body.
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