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Full Version: Problem interfacing DS with Win7 and latest Firefox
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Is anyone else having problems with the posting window using Win7 Home Premium and Firefox 3.6? It will not let me "delete" anything in my posts after I typed it. My only recourse is to backspace all the way back through my response until I arrive at the portion I want to edit. If I click my cursor to a location with-in the text I have typed, it won't go there unless I double click and (and it's not visible) if I try to type, it jsut puts my text at the end of the very last character I have typed, not at the point where I placed the cursor (not at the point I wnat to insert text.) Also, if I highlight text and try to change my font or anything else, it doesnt do anything to it.

I am typing this using Windows Explorer (which I normally never use) and it seems to be functioning normally.

Doc Byte
I can't use the German SR board at all with FiFo 3.6. That's an IP.Board, too. Strangely DS works fine.
The Jake
Firefox 3.6 on Win 7 here - no problems.

- J.
QUOTE (The Jake @ Mar 19 2010, 03:39 AM) *
Firefox 3.6 on Win 7 here - no problems.


Also, how is this post on-topic in this part of the forums? :\
Are you using Adblock and/or NoScript? Some buttons are Javascript and could be blocked by those.
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