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Full Version: 3rd Edition Questions
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While I play 4th sometimes I look at older books, mainly fluff books, for both character and mission ideas. For a while I had been taking things from the Isle of Shadow site and converting some of the weapons and drones to 4th edition rules just because I liked them. Recently I just got into the matrix section because I will be GMing a game with a TM and an infiltrator/hacker and thought there might be something in there I could use. While perusing the section I found something called Access Frames

I have never heard of these and I was wondering was there something in 3rd about them or are they a strictly home brewed accessory. If they are official could someone explain to me? I don't have 3rd edition rule books. While I know they must be outdated I enjoy the concept.
Looks like an example of one way to work frames in 3rd ed. Frames are basically the agents of 4th ed. You can probably just read all stuff relating to Frames as Agents in the fluff from 3rd ed. I don't recall those ones being in any one book and those look like house rules for their game. You could get the same thing with the Pocket Hacker from Unwired or make your own with a custom program load out and higher rated agent. Hope this helps.
Ohhh I see, I thought it would something like a digital vehicle and have an effect similiar to the castling power that paladin sprites have. I may still run with that concept though, maybe make it part of a run.
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