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Full Version: Need help with a meet encounter
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Based on a run idea from "contacts and adventures", I want my players to play enforcers against one of the player's contact and force them to make unwanted decisions. Here's the situation:

- Player 1 has a club owner contact that he knows through his handle (his real name never came up and/or was never asked. That's information I plan to use in the meet)

- The club owner, unknown to Player 1, has a debt to the Mafia and has issues paying it.

- The Mafia moneylender wants to send a 'message' to the club owner, but doesn't want to use his enforcers because the club owner's bodyguards won't let them near him. Here enters the players to become the moneylender's temp enforcers.

- Player 2 also owes money to the same moneylender, so when player 2 is going pay his monthly due, the moneylender will take this opportunity to make a deal - something like physically enforcing the message, getting some money from the club owner, and as a bonus forgetting next month's due on top of getting paid (just to make the deal harder to refuse).

The basic information I need to give to player 2 is the name of the club owner (which is unknown) and the club's location (which is known) - that last part is what will probably make the player refuse the run because he surely won't compromise any friendship with his teammate or a contact of his.

How would introduce a run like this to the player (namely player 2) without given him the details that would make him refuse the run ??

The fun with this run will be to see how the players will react and which decisions they will take, because there will be someone who won't be happy ... unless the players are clever enough to find a way out (that's actually a planned objective worth karma).

Thanks a bunch !!!
The easy way to hide details is to find some other angle to play up...whatever the mob boss considers significant, it's not the limited facts the PCs know. For instance, rather then sending them after "Sam from Cheers", he sends them after "...that horndog pitcher who runs the dive on 4th and Jackson". If he squirts him a data packet, it might simply have an address/Google Streetview for the place.
"Carlito will drive you there, my friend".
First, awesome plot. I like how you integrated the contacts and created a real dilemma for the players to untangle.

Second (toward answering your question): remember that all commlinks have built in GPS and virtually everyone has a commlink. Given these facts it may be rare that people actually converse in terms of addresses, but rather simply send GPS coordinates to each other. So instead of saying the name of the club or an address the PC would recognize have the Johnson say something like "You will find mister so-and-so at his place of business. I'm forwarding you the coordinates now." Unless the players actually check the location while they are sitting at the table, your set up will be complete.

Third, if they figure it out, so be it. I'm sure this mafia loan shark can come up with a few ways to lean on player 2, which could still play into your plot.
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