I don't have a SR game going as either player character or GM facilitating the setting. This is do to many factors, of which I hold myself the most responsible for lack of Contacts, lack of Social Skills, and a low Charisma stat - shouldn't be too surprising that I consider myself a SR newbie, the only books I own is a SR4 that has pages missing and a beautiful, well worn SR4A. That said, I need a creative outlet for my desire to be playing SR4A, so hopefully this thread will be appropriately placed. I doubt I can contribute anything near the greatness of the likes of say Knasser or Ancient History or Chrysalis or many others whose posts I try to lap up every bit of moisture from like a dehydrated man lost in the heat of the bad lands.

So, from my limited imagination I am going to pretend I am a SR4A Fixer character with a list of potential jobs for runners that maybe a GM could use. I hope others enjoy this and that others feel free to join in one this creative writing exercise of fan fiction for the SR setting. If you post like a certain type of runner, by spoilering a character sheet maybe, looking for a job or commenting on one that will help my creative juices as well. Who knows, maybe it will help make a GM out of me yet.

My apologies to a fellow poster I had these ideas for originally, I need release.


"Hi, my name is Mr. Fixit." SR4A pages 103 and 290 for ideas of the NPC
"Looking for something that pays? Well, tell me what kind of work fits your fancy, there is lots of it out there for those so inclined."

The Babysitter
"I know this one Mr. J, he needs someone to body guard a kid but he needs to do it off the books. Interested?"
Possible Job offer is to bodyguard an elf girl of 10 years old (1,000 nuyen a day until services no longer required plus a slush fund of 10,000 nuyen for expenses and payment will not be sent if the girl is seriously harmed and bonus if threat to girl’s life is in some way permanently ended by the bodyguard’s actions):
The girl’s father is in the Vory, the father is a brother of a CEO of a AA Corp whose project AAA Corps want to tank the project to plummet the AA corps value and do a hostile takeover of the AA Corp and will stop at nothing to see that happen, even doing terrible things to a favourite little niece to get the deal they want. The father has also stolen something of value to the Vory and placed it in the girl without her knowledge as a moving hiding spot.
Girl’s name is Illyana Jacobs. She has brown hair and brown eyes and is about 5 feet tall and very beautiful and has an incredibly charming personality. She may exhibit signs of sexual and mental abuse however at the hands of both the CEO uncle and his brother. She has no siblings and her mother’s where abouts are unknown, she is most likely dead, rumoured to have been murdered to appease a senior member of the Vory’s displeasure with Illyana’s father some 8 years past. The girls notable skills (though undeveloped) are all social and computer, though she is possibly minutely magical as well. She loves online gaming worlds she can escape to and be another person.
The girls mom is still alive, she was native born and but turned into an elf and she is 70 years old. She had been in a re-education camp for first nations people. She is sailfish, she had faked her own death to escape her husband, her husbands punishment for his failures to carry out the orders of criminial brother hood commanders. (boss( The rest are convinced that he is dead, she is trying to recontact her daughter to take her away from her father as well. She is also looking for revenge on the first nation camps guards and administration for the physical and mental sexual abuse while there before she was freed during the first nation wars. NANW –North American Native Wars
The item of value is to be a magical item surgically implanted in the girl’s aura (below the skin), marked by a tiny tattoo. It is a ruby gem, rumoured to have been worn by Princess Anastasia on her dress when they attempted to execute her with her royal family and yet she survived but not unharmed as it was many years before she realized she was in fact Princess Anastasia. The ruby rumoured to be a inadvertent “gift” that the girl had nabbed from Rasputin unbeknownst to him until it was too late and he had died. The exact properties of the gem have yet to be determined. The father is biding his time to sell the gem.
The name of the AA corp is Primatech and they specialize in acquiring building firms, parceling them up, selling off what they see as useless to their structure and putting together specialized, high demand construction outfits from the remaining resources and employees. The project is protype underground vault technology that effectively allows metahumanity to live deep in the earth’s crust with many of the risks minimized and possible profits and applications of the deep earth safety and network technology have both competitors stymied, customers salivating, and the AAA corps doing all they can to secure the corp wholesale to lord it over the others. Primatech’s current board of directors (CEOs) are seen as “uncooperative” and assets have been approved to acquire Primatech with extreme prejudice, so shadowrunners have been hired and in turn Primatech is looking to boost their own shadows as well.

The Bloody Red Ruby
"This one old man lost a gem, he wants it back. Would that be up your alley?"
Possible Job Offer to retrieve a stolen ruby gem (20,000 nuyen upon the return of the gem) Gem is actually worth far, far more than that.

Underhanded & Underground
"Anyone interested in a bit of blowing stuff up?"
Possible Job Offer to Sabotage: Primatech’s underground facilities (5,000 nuyen upon completion, large bonuses for the more public the humiliation and blame placed on Primatech’s shoulders, largest bonuses if it is the protype deep earth project)

Wanted: Women
"Oh, now this one is really important. I need a few favors helping out some beautiful ladies."
Local Strip Club and Escort Service Brothel seeks independence and protection from local gangs, criminal cartels and police.

Wanted: Cruelty & Cash
"Did you say you like to beat people up and take their stuff? I know these guys who could bankroll that kind of stuff."
Local gang holding tryouts for new enforcers.

Wanted: Legitimacy
"Er, do any of you feel like making some inroads with a rich corp'er? Hope you like psych exams."
A Mr. J needs a bodyguard for meets and drop offs with Shadows. Evaluation for loyalty is mandatory.

"This job is looking for an undertaker, that's your line of work, correct?"
Primatech CEO has a bounty on his head, dead or alive. Big bonuses if you can get him to “talk” in private about intimate details of the workings of Project Deep Earth and publicly disgrace himself in a way that drops the value of his corporation. CEO is a dwarf.

* Much of this is a work in progress of brain storming picturing the world of SR through my limited knowledge of its setting, any and all advice is welcome and I hope getting a glance at my SR imaginings has been enjoyable.

So, seriously, no one else does this? What if your runners turn down a job, do you just call it a night, "game over"? Or don't like the type of job, hooder vs wetwork kind of thing? Or has two or three sides to a "coin" to flesh out the world of SR for the runners? How much is being a GM improvisational or rigidly scripted with your job boards? How do you think runners would react to a multitude of possibilities happening within roughly the same time frame, which choice would they make?

Ugh, why bother bumping this, guess it would have been better in hindsight to not let my insecurities out and not even bothered trying to contribute my own ideas to the intriguing setting of SR. Now I just find myself wishing there was a delete option, how embarrassing, but seeing as I don't have one I might as well leave it here all blanked out so there isn't a empty thread with my nick on it.

Edit2: Suppose its good that this hasn't been deleted and is just taking up a few 1s and 0s here, good reminder to myself just to lurk and read instead of posting fictitious ideas.