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Full Version: Running a Black Ops game
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I'm thinking of running a game where the PCs are working in black ops.

So I have a few questions about corp/gov black ops in SR:
Are they only for AAA corps or do the smaller coprs have there own?
What type of jobs would warrant black ops not Shadowrunners? (I have some ideas)
Plus any cannon detals about them in SR?
anything where plausible deny ability isn't needed.

- snuffing a runner team
- taking back control of a facility
- response to a runner team
- counter extraction of key personnel
Effective special ops teams are expensive. They get well paid, they shoot lots of expensive ammo and need all sorts of expensive toys. Ineffective special ops teams are even more expensive, though not in the the month-to-month kind of way...

Corps exist to make money. The smaller the corp the less profit there is to carry cost centers and the less places to hide them in the books. So unless a corp has a lot of call for them they won't be very many, if the corp doesn't outsource them completely.
Run it as a CIA black ops. Corp Division. Corps are effectively forreign terretory, and thus falls under the CIA portfolio. Corps answer to themselves, and some of their actions do not necessarily benefit the UCAS. Running black ops against the occasional corp. would IMO thus make sense for governments to do. Sure, runners might be safer to use, due to the deniability, but while skilled, your average runner team doesn't have access to the training, funding, and equipment a true government black ops team would have.

Have fun.
CIA would work well. And would fit my Perfect Dark inspiration for agents with good backup and support.
I'm thinking of runnign this on DS after I write up some data/job ect on it. I might run it as an "R&D" group of an AA corp. As in they spend a chunk of R&D budget on lifting paydata/prototypes and the appropriate reverse engeninering and such as well as doing some more interesting jobs. Their black opps devition would be one for clean up and counter extraction or job where loyalty is a must. On a side note is extra-territorial rights AAA only?
No, double A's qualify as well in many cases.

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