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Full Version: Stupid Summoning Question
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I will sound like a huge noob asking this, but I'm having trouble finding an answer in ze book...

Can a magician summon a spirit while projecting?
In SR4 yes I think, SR3 no.
Summon, yes. Binding requires materials to be consumed in the Binding process, so that can't be done, as they won't come across into the astral.
Thank you sir, does anybody have a pagequote, or round about place to look for the ruling?
That is not a stupid question. In any case, yes, you can summon spirits in the astral plane, and there is all kinds of non-sense you can pull off because of it.

I generally rule as a GM that spirits really don't like materializing away from their masters material form, especially when they are materializing into a dangerous situation. This is mainly for game balance(so that magician can't send waves of spirits out with no physical danger to themselves), but I find ways to justify it. Usually I just say that the spirit uses the magicians mana to materialize, and it is more difficult, possibly even painful to channel that physical mana from a distance.

EDIT: Can't find a page num at the moment, it's late and I'm tired. As a purely magical action that summons an astral form tough it makes sense that it has to be cast on the astral, heck I could see an argument that it can only be cast on the astral(though many canonical examples exist of mages in the meat summoning spirits.
Every magical action should be possible on the astral as long as the rules don't say otherwise. Physical spells e.g. are outright forbidden.

Keep in mind that a mage can only have one unbound spirit under his control and that it will have a signature that can be traced back to him. Additionally, you might want to consider ruling that sending a spirit to another plane constitutes a remote service.
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