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Full Version: Technomancer Shaman?
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I got my hands on a copy of Running Wild and about popped when I saw the e-critters. I think it's an awesome idea and adds a neat dimension to the Matrix.

I started to get curious about something as I was reading that part, could you create a TECHNOMANCER shaman? A Technomancer that worked with e-critters or with digital "creatures"?
I dont see why not, just give him the animal handling skills. Or am I missing something?
There isnt really an animal handling skill in Shadowrun.
You must have missed them in Running Wild; pages 34 to 35.

Besides, the active skills list really isn't a comprehensive list either.

Could see e-Scapists making good matrix shamans like this, with their tendency to wanna stay in VR 24/7.
That'll teach me to skim smile.gif
Actually, I'm guilty of that from time to time as well. It's just that with each new SR book I'm almost always checking the table of contents for new skills and/or qualities first.
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