So, the offices of the company I work for were installed in an old textiles warehouse that was bought and converted for small offices like ours. We were the first tenants, set up on the 3rd (top floor) of he building. About a year ago, the landlord told us he rented the entire 3rd floor so he moved us to the 1st floor.

We were curious about who would rent an entire floor, so we poked around. Seems some asians from Hong Kong wanted to set up shop for making computer chips. They need to add extra vents for the fumes and required a lot of room. Alright, that's cool. Over the course of the next few months, however, we only saw some asians come visit a few times. There certainly wasn't any regular workforce going there every morning. So we figured maybe it was a start up that ended up maybe not having enough cash to get their operation going. But, we found out they paid the rent regularly anyway.

Then in the last couple of months, some sort of asian "club" or watever set up in the basement. They apparently opened on weekends and sold crab (?), which really stunk up the place.

I, being a Shadowrunner, had started saying this was a Triad front selling drugs since pretty much day one. Well, today, my fellow Dumpshockers, all these years of reading Shadowrun material and being familiar with criminals paid off. Turns out I was bang on. Last night a police raid uncovered a HUGE grow op, run by asian organized crime. So called it.

News story here!
(The Bloc [Bloc=a political party here] MP is another tenant in our building)