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Full Version: Need a list of African languages...
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Yar. 'oi, chummers. Upon seeing someone mention the horrible, horrible pun of a 'code monkey' in a thread on changelings/SURGE (I think it was, anyway...And ye can flame me all ye want for me plagiarism. sleepy.gif), I decided to try and do that myself. Then, one thing lead to another and I ended up making him a wakiyambi otaku with SURGE mutations.

Now then...I looked in the languages list in Ye Trusted NSRCG List, and it mentioned, as far as I can tell, NO African languages. dead.gif

Any help, examples, or cultural reference pages here, please, if anyone would be kind enough?

EDIT: Kudos to the guy who came up with the code monkey pun. wink.gif

Google is your freind.

Not an exhaustive list but it has a map which is cool.
SR 1st edition had a rather comprehensive listing.

1st Edition Skill List with Languages


Ahhh, gracias to both of ye. grinbig.gif

...Now if only I KNEW the RULES for otakus. dead.gif
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