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No this could be a twisted (early, but it is midnight...) April Fools gag on behalf of my FLGS but I have just received an email from the aforementioned to tell me my copy of DotA: Midnight is in store. I didn't think this was happening yet. Will update as I know more.
My dead tree copy shipped on the 23rd from Battlecorp. I don't see why they wouldn't be available through distributors and in LGSs by now. twirl.gif
Yeah, I picked up a copy last week from my FLGS.
Dread Moores
Here's what Jason had to say about that elsewhere. And yes, I also already got mine from the Battleshop. smile.gif
I just bought a copy on eBay. I can't have a gap in my collection if things go badly for CGL.
Yep picked it up today, I just hadn't seen a street date listing, and assumed it was on hold.
Picked up mine at I-CON 29 over last weekend, along with Seattle 2072 and Vice. biggrin.gif
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