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Full Version: The Walking Man
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So I've been reading to much stuff from the Nightside but have come up with a idea for a NPC that might have abit of weight

The Walking Man

A physical adept bound to a Church as their equivalent of a magical triggerman. Given orders from on high to dispense justice on a unjust world. Bearer of two guns Fire and Brimstone to punish the wicked and save the righteous. Some say his bullets are just old fashioned slugs made to suit his two walker colts, others who may or may not have more sight then they admit say his bullets are brimming over with magic. All we know is when he wants to put something down for good he does.

Fluff aside the idea is a high level gun adept who has twin colts filled with anchored spell bullets. Whilst the idea of anchored spells is very expensive in Karma its not completely out there that a group of mages might be tasked with preparing individual rounds for such a person if it was within a bastion of odd rules such as the church.

General plan would be Physad Maxed magic with bonuses based around combat sense and armour to make him harder to hurt plus increased skills with pistols, most likely a additional round of combat too. Skills wise high pistols with specialisation, high perception, High stealth skills and maybe some arcana to let him know what type of thing he's been sent to give the last rights too.

The image I have in my head is in the middle of a fight a great form toxic spirit pops up. The walking man looks at it carefully for a moment, thumbs the cylinder round on his colts for a particular round. Casually aims both pistols and double hits the spirit with a two shot spell enhanced F**k You.

As a concept what do you think?
That's fucking awesome. Don't worry too much about the rules-legality of enchanting bullets - you're the GM. Besides, it should be possible - the recent FAQ stated as much.

Although I'd rename his guns to Ebony and Ivory... nyahnyah.gif Or perhaps Hurt and Burn. (I'm thinking Ruger Super Warhawks instead of Colts?)
Ol' Scratch
No way! Fire and Brimstone are awesome names. I'm actually quite jealous that I've never thought of using those names considering that I play religious fanatics with custom weapons quite often.

Instead of anchored bullets (they're really lame concept considering the general rules of magic in the game), it'd be better to come up with a new type of bullet that can simply get around Immunity to Normal Weapons. The easiest solution that comes to mind is Orichalcium Bullets. You just use the exact same rules as Silver Bullets but increase the cost dramatically. For your character, that's far more plausible. Not only does it require no Karma at all, but it still allows Church members to dedicate themselves to the hunting and alchemy needed to create them. Sure, they could sell them on the open market and become rich, but supplying a man of God on a mission is far more important. Especially if they all truly believe.
wikipedia houses the strangest of articles:
Ol' Scratch
I'm personally a fan of this one.
I was thinking about uses for anchoring too. The only problem is the karma costs (Which will boost the price for that stuff right into orbit) and the fact that you need to have them highlevel reinforced (again with expensive karma) to get them through wards.

Overall i fully expect someone like that running around out there. I think the man is fully initiated (at least 5-times) adept with a signature gun (tuned in of course) comparable to a Eichiro Hatamoto. He is likely boosted by anchored spells from his orders magicians: Reflexes, armor, attribute boosts, utility spells and reserves his adept powers for things like extraskill, combat sense, mystic armor.

He will have an nice assortment of bullets and is likely to use ONE and only ONE per person, after he called his home-office and got permission to use it. If he misses (somehow) he will walk away and pray for forgiveness. Normal (just kill) bullets are APDS- variants and anchored with a force 12 slay-spell (with 5-8 hits): They will do first 7 DV-5 and if they hit (no matter if they penetrate) 12DV+net hits. One bullet costs about 250.000 Nuyen if they were available in open market.
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