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After a long while of resisting change, my group and I have finally upgraded to 4e. Well, we've absorbed the core rulebook and are ready to start putting things to the test and see how it all works together. I have started writing a run. It's really just meant as a chance for the team to each try out their skills. Our team consist of the following:

Human Hacker/Rigger, officially he calls himself a smuggler. He also goes by the name: Han Solo (Yeah, I know, real original, but at least he came with a back story for it, but I digress)
Elf Mystic Adept/Face
Human Street Sam/Covert Ops

Everyone has two jobs, since our group is only three people strong. In fact, the Sammie is my character, I often have a GMPC to strengthen the team. Typically, in situation were only my character is involved, I'll had over control to one of my other players. They actually do a good job RPing them and making decisions based on the way the character thinks, but again I digress.

On to what I'm here for. I have decided to set this new story in Denver (inspired by SRM02), a welcome change for the Seattle we have been playing in since the beginning of time (we actually started SR with 1e, just saw the book at the local game store and picked it up on an impulse and just have never put it down since) However, this will be the first time I have ever actually written a run out in the format published runs are/were written, all others were just a page of notes and condition monitors. The link below is what I have so far. It's really just the first two scenes and some of the legwork. I would like to offer it up for criticism on how it's going so far. I'll let you know what these two scenes are meant for and you tell me if I should continue or just scrap this thing.

Scene One -
Of course this scene is the meet with the fixer. Here, I wanted to give the Face a chance to use some of his social skills, and provide the characters with a common contact

Scene Two -
After they start to get what it is they need to do, the action takes them to a motel. Here 6 guards are protecting they guy they need to find to continue. This scene is meant to give them the opportunity for the Hacker to use a little of his matrix skills, and possible some of his driving skill. Now, knowing my players the way I do, it'll probably end in a gun fight, so we'll get to see how they fair against your typical (okay, maybe not typical) security guard.

So, input would be appreciated, and if it looks like it's going good so far, and anyone would like to see the completed product, I'd be happy to share. I'm a really open person when it comes to my ideas, and I'm pretty thick skinned and don't take criticism personally so be honest. Thanks for this moment of your time, sorry if my post wandered at times.

Heres the Link (it's on Google Docs, but you should need to log in or anything)
I'm actually looking at something like this for the group I'm about to start GM'ing.

What I'm intending to do is basically do quick pregenerated scenes that focus on one portion of the rules and play it through - one scene will have the runners facing corp sec down a hall way, another will be facing a runner team in a factory etc

I've also given them links to a pair of runs that were posted up here, so that they can go through those as well.

Looks good ! I would like to be kept updated and see the finished product.

I can see a few editing and spelling mistakes in the document. Would you like me to go over it and give you some suggestions ?

Editing Mistakes Examples
[ Spoiler ]
Word on the street is Grifter conspired with
BetaTech, and turned the equipment over.
They now have him hold up in the hotel
giving him a chance to lay low until he could

Wow, well... (commence Shadowrun spiel) This is Shadowrun. Nothing should be as it seems. Even when players find out what's going on, that still shouldn't be close to the truth. You don't want a good dice roll providing this tidbit without any real legwork. Your players need to assume they're getting set up by someone who's working for someone else that is actually using them as a front while someone else is getting them what they really need and in the end, the above layout you thought you had figured out is actually several layers away from the truth... but if you somehow survive, you get a wad of nuyen.

This Grifter nastard used to have a partner named Shell only Shell's not doing so good anymore. The pieces that are left of him can be tracked down to a home (lab) for shattered cyber-bodies where he's only one step away from being a meat sack snack for a ghoul pack in league with the place. If they can gain access to him, they can learn why there's only an arm, body, and most of his head left. Between seizures and spittle spewing, Shell tells the tale of betrayal that left him a broken heap and made Grifter some cash. ***Suspicion casually placed on Grifter.***

The Johnson's no dummy. He knew this. That's why he expected the double cross, and now everything is thusfar unfolding according to plan...

Now it's your turn. What's the Johnson got in mind for BetaTech? What's their past together? What is he really using the runners for? What's their angle for a payday? How about their angle on survival? The twists have only just begun.

Got any updates?
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