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Full Version: Roadmaster Loadout Advice
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...long story short, my rigger has a Roadmaster armored transport vehicle in his Automotive Facility, and intends to build it into a last resort assault/extraction vehicle for special occasions. My team is being asked to run some simulations on a corp security system (i.e., we can afford to go completely Pink Mohawk, since it's all simmed) and I think it's the perfect chance to bust out the "Rhino" and make the GM cry a little, turnabout being fair play and all.

I'm still kicking around loadouts, but I'm thinking seriously about using a GE Vigilant Light Autocannon as the main armament, with missile/rocket tubes on the sides and a grapple launcher on the back, for towing-related mayhem. The Vigilant has got the firepower to be a real threat to most things on the battlefield, is reasonable on Availability and Cost, and shouldn't be completely unbalancing like a heavier weapon might be (which keeps the GM from re-balancing me from orbit). I'm still looking for a good variable-warhead launcher to mount; Ideally I'd like to have AV, AA, and Frag munitions to use when the situation demands it...they're expensive enough to keep the mayhem down to a reasonable level, and flexible enough to save my bacon from all sorts of nasty stuff. The grapple launcher is pretty much for laughs, but I can see a nice overpowered Roadmaster ripping a fence clear out of the ground, or dragging a pursuit vehicle into the corp's fountain/private jet/fuel depot.

I'm sure you guys have better dream builds - what's your loadout look like?
Saint Sithney
Is this going to specifically be a manned vehicle, or is it meant to be manned/autonomous?

Making it bristle with gunports can add a decent bit of flexibility for next to no cost.
Naturally, a metric ton of armor and smart armor will make it untouchable.
Flamethrowers aren't terribly expensive or impossible to come by, and they're nice and scary on a turret.
I'm a big fan of dropping in a Multilaunch Drone Rack for 5 slots so you can stack on 10 Ares Heimdall drone missiles. 0 scatter FTW.
Ol' Scratch
Ram scoop on the front (and maybe even the back), ridiculous amounts of heavy and personal armor, a chemical seal and living amenities, and pop-up autocannons and missile launchers is really all you need if you're just trying to create a crazy ass "urban tank." You need a sound system playing the A-Team theme, though. That's a requirement.
More like a Razorback with [twin-linked] assault cannon and hunter killer if you're gonna be mounting a GE Vigilant Light Autocannon and warhead launcher of some kind on a street legal APC. For a mere Rhino, just add a turret or two on the Roadmaster for LMGs and call it good.

I'd actually start off with the Ares Citymaster first. Better built in life support & personal armor gear, and most stats, plus a free built in external remote control turret. You can add the two Gun Ports to match the Roadmaster and you're still ahead in slot usage. Yes, I know it's way higher in the availability (and Restricted to boot), but if you're adding a turret to a Roadmaster people are likely to mistake it for a Citymaster in the end; best to get the better vehicle I think, and it's relatively not that much more expensive (a mere 3,200 nuyen.gif more).

Would add Smart Tires (the Citymaster is already a Pilot 3 vehicle), a Customized Engine (Speed) & a Turbocharger to offset the speed and acceleration loss from the Smart Tires, a Valkyrie Module as someone's likely to get shot in the ass where this vehicle will be going, and an Enhanced Winch to tie in with the grapple gun so you can pull more than your weight around; oh, also two Gun Ports to match the Roadmaster. For the armaments an external remote control heavy turret for the Vigilant you want, a Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL for the built in turret (debatable if you can put on a standard weapon mount; IMO it's like an LMG here; GM's discretion) which can be on top of the heavy turret, and an external fixed remote control point for the grapple gun (your choice for front or back; wherever the winch is).

As for the variable warhead launcher you're wanting, the Mitsubishi Yakusoku MRL (SR4a, page 320) is probably what you're looking for. One weapon that holds four pairs of missiles and with its built-in smartgun you can choose which one missile from one of the four pairs you launch; two each of AV, AA, and Frag, plus two more of your choice, all in one neat weapon. For those who don't think it can go on the standard turret, GM's discretion to spend a slot and make it a reinforced turret to hold a heavier weapon. If not, just have a gunner inside shoot the missiles out one of the gun ports, put the grapple gun in the turret the Citymaster already comes with, and you've got another slot to spend (assuming my math is right).

If I did my math right, it's 15 slots total for this. If I'm wrong, you can just pitch the Gyro Link first (and/or maybe the Valkyrie Module) to try and get down to 16 slots.
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