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Full Version: My first hacker build
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So here's my first attempt to build a hacker. I modified the hacker found in the sample character thread.

Born to an ork mother, the illegitmate son of a mafia capo, "Bastard" always had an interest in tech. About a year ago, his father died, leaving him enough money for his mother to leave life on the streets and begin wiring himself up.

B: 5
A: 4
R: 3
S: 4
C: 3
I: 5
L: 6
W: 3
E: 4

Codeslinger (Hack of the fly)
Media Junky (moderate)

Cybercombat: 4
Electronic Warfare: 4
Electronics Group: 4
Etiquette: 3
Hacking: 5 (Exploit +2)
Infiltration: 2
Perception: 3
Pilot Ground Craft: 2
Pistols: 2 (Automatics +2)


Cerebral Booster: 2
Cybereyes: 3 w/ Flare compensation, low Light Vision, Microscopic Vison, Smartlink
Vision Enhancement: 3
Encephalon: 2
Muscle Toner: 1
Sim Module Hot sim modified
Sleep Regulator

Actioneer Business Clothes
Lined Coat w/ Non conductivity: 4
Tag Eraser
Ear Buds w/ Audio Enhancement: 3, Select Sound filer: 1,
Transsys Avalon w/ Iris orb

Programmes (Common Use):
Analyze: 5
Browse: 5
Command: 5
Edit: 5
Encrypt: 5
Reality Filter: 5
Scan: 5

Programmes (Hacking):
Armour: 5
Attack: 5
Biofeedback Filter: 5
Blackout: 5
Data Bomb: 5
Defuse: 5
Exploit: 5
Medic: 5
Sniffer: 5
Spoof: 5
Stealth: 5
Track: 5

Honda Spirit

Shock Glove
Hammerli 620S w/ Gas Vent: 2, Smartgun, coneal holster, 100 stick n shock rounds, 100 regular rounds
Yamaha Sakura Fubuki w/ Folding Stock, smartgun, 100 regular rounds
Wandering One
Why not, for the common usages, just go to 6 and grab optimization and ergonomic for them from unwired? Stays in availability and works nicely. Also, Logic is actually a dump stat according to RAW... (It's program+skill, ignoring attribute)
If you are planning on spending any time in VR, boost your Willpower (probably at the expense of Body, I'd say). You need it to resist black IC and dumpshock.
QUOTE (Wandering One @ Apr 12 2010, 12:54 PM) *
Also, Logic is actually a dump stat according to RAW... (It's program+skill, ignoring attribute)

Yes but it's the go to stat for the Electronics group. Unlike a TM with the Skinlink Echo a normal hacker needs to be able to get past all the physical barriers that can keep him out of that creamy digital center. You also need it for programming and modding your commlink. I've made low logic and high logic Hackers and the high logic ones always end better for me.
Heath Robinson
You probably want to Ergonomic Stealth, Armour, and ECCM. At the very least.

I'd also reccomend dropping Logic to 5 (1 point won't kill you), removing the Cerebral Booster (okay, so 3 dice in is not going to kill you) and taking PuSHeD (delicious Logic-Linked Skill DP bonus, back down to 2 dice lost). Reinvest your Attributes BP into Willpower.

You're missing any sort of Matrix IP enhancement beyond going Hot SIM. Look in Unwired for an Avail 14 Commlink module that's dirt cheap for what it does.
The Jake
Ergonomic and Optimise ftw. Otherwise I agree with keeping Logic high. I'd start it at a 5 and save the BP (it's not THAT valuable for a hacker to justify the 25BP). Beyond that, its a nice build.

- J.
A good idea is adding mute to a couple of those programs, specifically exploit since as a hacker it's your bread and butter.
Picking up a second (or even a third) commlink with a Response equal to your primary and clustering all three of them together neatly allows you to boost your Processor Limit high enough to run all the programs you normally use, all the time, and still have spare Response to maintain a few subscriptions.
This is in addition to the multiple comms you should have running at all times - that way, if you get traced back to one, you can ditch it and you'll still have one.
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