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Full Version: Some questions about drones
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Can anyone tell me what a drone's firewall, signal and response generally are?
I've been assuming they're the same as the pilot stat unless modified, but I can't find this rule anywhere?
The answer you are looking for is found in Arsenal p. 102. Basically the device ratings of drones are based on what "class" of drone it is (normal, security or military). All the device ratings (system, firewall, response, and signal) would be 3, 4, or 5 respectively.

SR4a page 222 also, in case you do not have Arsenal. Do note that drone is synonymous with vehicle in many cases.
Ah ha! Thanks for that!

So a Ford LEBD would likely be a security vehicle with rating 4, while a Bust A Move would be 3? And probably none of the drones in Unwired would be Military grade?
Not really. It all depends on what the drone's primary purpose is and how it can be used.

An Ares Heimdall & Auxillia Mk 3, and Aztechnology Armadillo are more likely to be military use as opposed to security use drones. On top of that, the Dragonfly, Nimrod, Neptune, and Kull may also be used by the military and thus treated as device rating 5. Even the Mitsuhama cyborg bodies could potentially be military use, or at least military grade if used by very high up [mega]corp executives.

Even the Ford LEBD-1 could be at military grade if it is backup for the Military Police, or the Lockheed Vulcan could be treated as a military drone if used at a base's motor pool.

These are not absolutes, however. It's very possible to find a black market Heimdall or Armadillo that's at a normal rating of 3.
QUOTE (SpellBinder @ Apr 14 2010, 11:40 PM) *
Not really. It all depends on what the drone's primary purpose is and how it can be used.

The FAQ helps clarify this - if it comes with a weapon mount or a gun of some kind, its a Security vehicle at least.
Ah, I forgot to check the FAQ! Thanks for the help! smile.gif
Most of the time I use this as a rule of thumb:
If Availability is #R it's probably Security.
If Availability is #F it's probably Military.
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