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My players have recently come into a little bit of cash. My technomancer wishes to purchase an android drone so that he can jump into it and use that for his body.

How effective do you guys think this would be?
How high is his gunnary skill? As all attacks will use it shooting an SMG to picking up a sword and hacking a guy to bits all based on gunnery by RAW. On top of that the base Drone is an issue read aug for how a cyborg rigging an android uses there skills as its that same for all riggers.
Horrendous once you have to go into a dead or static zone (like many barrens, warrens, and tunnels). Even if you're outfitted with a for such a situation, you'll take a hit to your Response, and subsequently your Initiative. Even then, there's no guarantee a will still work (like deep underground).

Best to see about getting a Pilot rating for that android (if possible), and turn it into a boomer bodyguard for yourself.
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