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Full Version: Smartlink without PAN ?
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Hoi Chummers,

is it possible to have a smartlink without it beeing integrated in a PAN ?

In a configuration looking something like this
Weapon+Smartlink => Cable||Wifi => Brain||Glasses

In the old days smartlinks didn't need to use comlinks or decks and thus where
really secure from beeing hacked.

is it true that almost all devices the runners will carry arround with them are
connected to the PAN? Even on a run with all the security problems that
arise from beeing online ?

Thanks in advance

Ol' Scratch
Yep. Your PAN is just a convenience that lets all your implants and accessories work together. You don't have to have everything hooked up to it.
My understanding is yes you can have just a gun + glasses combo as long as both sides have the required smartlink.

But having them just set to each other is less secure then a pan as you dont have a dedicated (or easily upgraded) defended front door as such. A good commlink running in hidden mode with high firewall and some IC isnt that costly really when you consider it will protect your glasses and gun from being messed with as quickly or as often.
The big benefit of having everything linked up is synergy. If I have goggles, sensors, sensor programs, smartlink, commlink, trodes, etc. hooked up, that means I can run those programs on my various senses, mentally control the smartlinked weapon, mentally control the various senses, record anything, and, crucially, feed any/all information to the rest of my team.
I prefer to keep it all skinlinked to a datajack that's loaded for bear with IC, and then have the datajack cable-connected to an equally secure commlink.

(In the case of the Smartlink, you don't get to do any of the fancy tricks like setting your gun down on a table and then mentally firing it from across the room, but to me that's a small price to pay for the peace of mind.)
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