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Full Version: Service Charge for Build and Repair
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My players don't want to invest/spend time modifying their toys (weapons and vehicles) and would rather pay someone else to do it. No shame with this - especially since it leaves traces - but how much does it cost ?? Based on the extended test rules, assignment based on the mods, and using the rules of automatic success, I can come up with the time it would take to complete a job. I went through Arsenal quickly, and the only thing found was that the Cost part of the mods is only for the material.

Assuming you have an Armorer or proper contact to do the work for you, how much do you charge the players ??
Patrick Goodman
The easiest way, and the way my developers always told me to handle it as a freelancer, is to find a comparable service (and most gun and vehicle mods and stuff like that can be done at most local dealers, so it shouldn't be a big thing for a lot of services), find out how much it costs, and change "dollars" to "nuyen." This gives you a base cost. If it's a black-market mod, take that base cost and jack it up 50-100%.
As a freelancer in real life myself, I use my old stand by when I run games. Take the mod price and add to that any where from 50 to 75 percent. e.g.: You bring your 'puter to me to install a new OS and you want the disc. 160 for the vista and about 80-90 bucks for labor. Granted this does not take into account hat kind of deal the freelancer is getting on parts. i.e: I only pay 120 for vista cause I get a sweet discount.

This works for my games. And if they want to move the percentage down, opposed test every net success drops the mark up percentage by 5.

So yeah +50-100 mark up for labor. If the group is too much trouble for the freelancer then +150-200+ percent mark up. Also you can do neat things like have the frelancer raided on a glitch or something and the items in question are confiscated. Believe me, They will think about spending their karma on B/R skills.
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