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Full Version: Drones, the new papparazzi?
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Given the amount of photos that could be taken of reluctant stars and the like, wouldn't you think drone countermeasures would be more developed to ensure privacy and security?

Our standard counter measure to surveilance drones is to simply send a decent sized spirit to smash it to bits. Doesn't work so well on armed and armored drones, but it's pretty effective otherwise. Of course, we're not really interested in the legality of smashing up other people's spy gear. High profile celebrities may have to take less violent approaches.
I'm of the opinion that celebrities would just deal with the cameras, as they have been doing for years. Eventually they'll smash one up, but it's to be expected.
Erm APDS doesn't help that much vs drones. so....

If I recall, a certain amount of ECM is perfectly legal, I'd also imagine that some handlers/agents would have a retinue of riggers waiting to hijack papparazzi drones and erase the pics before they could be sold. It's amazing what is legal for those with the money.
Given the amount of photos that could be taken of reluctant stars and the like, wouldn't you think drone countermeasures would be more developed to ensure privacy and security?

Not just an issue for stars i can think of quite a few times in the campaign i am in, a dozen or so "press" drones arrived to investigate "gunfire" which our runners would really prefer not take all that footage of.

However i would say that drone countermeaseures are fairly effective, in the right hands. And if the a person wishs to ensure privacy though legitamate means they have several options.

1) Avoid the outdoors or airspace deemed public any drones entering a private airsapce can be dealt with via less that subtle means for security violations ( methods vary from aa weaponry, or monofilimiant netting to cheap kamakaze drones)

2) Hire rigger bodyguards to keep target specific countermeasures going like fuzzing sensorfeeds. Blanket ecm tends to be frowned upon because of the number of legitmate electronics in the world of shadowrun. Security companys don't appreciate it when you jamm the banks security system across the street from your movies stars favorite bar just because you don't like the press

3) Old fashion methods like masks , umbrellas , bodyguards blocking decent acess

4) My personal favorite in the shadowrun world EXCLUSIVITY CONTRACTS, simply sign a contract with one company and sic lawyers on anyone trying to obtain non sanctioned footage. Yes a cease and desist order can be very very effective under the right circumstances ;)

Just thinking of something. If a drone gets too nosey, a quick taser to the chassis will slow that network down considerably.

"bad dolphins bad bad dolphins dolphins bad"

Recently heard from Legs the rigger, after his exploration drone discovered Storm dolphins and their nasty special ability.

if using ECM against drones, be careful where you use it, as disabling a traffic routing drone could be a bad thing!
Well, if the infrastructure and band security drones can be noticeably affected by the levels of ECM that is legal to operate, than the UCAS has more issues on their hands than some starlets desire for privacy.
Actually celebs in SR have it easy. all then need is an anchored spells with a custom "Invis to ONLY technological devices" and theyre set. Cameras do not get resistance rolls. Pow. Celebs could pretty easily afford this, and they only need to deactivate it while doing interviews or filming.
MIJI anyone? It's good shit. Nice to make those drones yours, or make them unable to transmit pictures.
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