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Full Version: Skillsoft Jukebox?
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Body Hammer
Say I wanted a skillsoft jukebox with 5 ports to go with 5 skillsofts, say rating 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 respectively.

Do I have to buy each port dedicated to a certain capacity? In my example, the mp sizes for those skillsofts are 108, 75, 48, 27, and 12 (total mp=270). So am I buying a jukebox that can handle 270mp TOTAL, or am I buying a port at 108, a port at 75, etc., meaning that if I would get another skillsoft 6 later I wouldn't be able to slot it at the same time as the first skillsoft 6?
Entropy Kid
Not seeing anything in the faq or errata, I'd say it's the MP total that matters. The system still only uses one chip at a time, so MP per port doesn't make sense.
Digital Heroin
The formula Ports x MP x nuyen.gif 20 breaks down to the total number of ports you want and the MP capacity for each port. You don't pay for every port's MP, but the max MP any given port can store.

In your example, you would pay for 108 MP (a one shot deal), each port would then have that capacity.

Thus you pay 5 x 108 x 20, or nuyen.gif 10800
Body Hammer
So the 5 chips are just slotted and "referenced" in the jukebox's memory, and the number of slots only dictates how many chips can be slotted at one time. The mp total of all the slotted chips must be less than or equal to the total mp capacity of the jukebox.

I hesitate to say "stored" because that implies you could get a jukebox with one slot, 500mp or whatever and load as many chips into memory as you wanted one at a time...or can you? That would be a cost multiplier of 1 (number of ports) instead of 5 (or 10000 rather than 50000). That seems...lame.
Body Hammer
Oh, ok. That makes a lot more sense. And is a lot more cred-friendly.
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