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Full Version: armor chemseal
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For armor, chemical protection adds its rating to resistance tests against contact vector toxins. Chemical seal is the same thing, only since your armor is completely enclosed, it "provides complete protection against contact and inhalation vector attacks." It must be activated, and comes with an air tank.

Chemical protection costs 250 per rating. Chem seal has no rating, and also lists no cost or capacity. Or did I miss it?

Can someone suggest a cost or capacity?
Ol' Scratch
You were just looking on the wrong table. An easy mistake considering that it's on a weird table. It costs 5,000 nuyen and has a +6 Availability modifier. You can find it on the ARMOR table on SR4A p. 327; the same table they list Armor Jackets, Lined Coats, etc. As per Arsenal (p. 44), it also has a Capacity of [4].
Ah, the Armor table, not the armor enhancements table. I should have been aware of the capacity table on page 44. Thanks much!
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