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With Bull stepping up to take the reins as Missions Coordinator, there's no telling when DDH might see the light of day. Thus, I thought I'd share a few tidbits I was working on for future submission.

First a couple of maps for a scenario I wrote wherein the runners are hired to intercept a high-risk data courier who is traveling on a red eye train from city X to city Y.

Train Station (Surface Street, Mezzanine, Platform)
Train (Exterior and Interior)

And second a quick and dirt street ambush with two different target vehicles.

Ambush (Van)
Ambush (Limo)

Cool. Thanks for posting this. I always like maps that I didn't have to make. wink.gif
I love the ambush ones. I really could have used those last year. The train station looks great, and it reminds me a bit of the subway stations in Fallout 3.
Thanks. I haven't played Fallout but the layout and the passenger car interior are bassed loosely on real world floor plans.
Oooh...very nice!

One thing thats always nice about seeing maps like this, it gives a GM who hadn't considered doing a particular sort of encounter ideas....

Evil ideas.
Heres another map that has nothing to do with anything really, but I thought I'd throw it up in case it might be of use to anyone.

Railroad Yard
Oehler the Black
I'm loving these maps!
Not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Thanks once again. Makes me think of some sort of northern railyard... or a crossing somewhere cold and wintery. What could be passing along those tracks? I guess it is up to our intrepid runners to find out.
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