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Full Version: What does anybody really know about Tahiti?
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I'll be running a 4th edition game set in Tahiti, and I want to make it as in-depth as possible. Does anyone know anything about Tahiti in the Sixth World?
There's half a page or so covering the "Tahitian League of Polynesia" in Shadows of Asia. French Polynesia became independent somewhere in the 2020ies, with French and local politicians taking bribes from several corporations. However, the French armed forces still have (as of 2064) four bases on Tahiti at Taravao, Arue (infantry), Faaa (airbase) and Fare Ute (naval station). The Tahitian government also have an agreement with Australia and New Zeland to patrol their waters. Nevertheless, terrorist groups, mostly with ecologist agenda and possible Amazonian connections, have set training camps on remote islands. Former nuclear test site at Moruroa is a toxic zone. Also, there are frequent manastorms in the area.
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