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Full Version: Dice Rolling when Online GMing
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Is there a program that is good for rolling dice online for shadowrun, that both the GM and whoever is rolling dice can both see results? I'm thinking about doing some parts of our matrix runs online freeing up our shadowrun meets that tend to always take longer then planned.
Some people use Invisible Castle , still possible to abuse.

Otherwise depending on what you are using, there are usually chat bots with dice rollers in irc or java chat for example.

There are some online rollers that can do Shadowrun style dice rolls. And many PbP style forums have embedded board rollers that work. is PbP site with Shadowrun support.

In a post, you can do: [ dice=This is my roll ]5d6s5[ /dice ] and it will roll the dice, show the results, and even count the successes for you.
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