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Full Version: Indirect Combat Spells
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Dakka Dakka
Am I missing something or are Indirect Combat spells more effective without an Elemental Effect? Here are the reasons I found:
  • Less drain
  • No specialty armor works against it. I.e. since it is not fire, fire resistance does not help and only half impact armor is used to soak.
  • At least some elemental effects have next to no impact on instantaneous spells. For instance an acid that does no longer exist cannot continue to eat through materials.
  • Some elemental effects are not really beneficial.
Well... yes, but if you don't deliver an elemental effect you can just use a direct spell *g* no dodging and no armor.

Ah well. one good thing about physical force-like spells are that you do not need a line of sight.

I myself like area-effect elemental effect spells. Just because it is fun to have high collateral damage and leave massive carnage *g*.
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