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i wont promise anything, but if at the time i am still gainfully employed i wll be there. I will run a small shadowrun game if i am there but my employment is up in the air at this point in time so i cant promise anything at this moment.

Edit update, will still be gainfully employed and plan on being there saturday to daytrip at least, hope to see someone there, any missions characters will do
*sigh* Damn, I wish I could be there, have fun and tell everybody that Craig says hello.
I used to chair the gaming board for Mobi, but had to leave the area to take another job about six years back.
Mobicon is a great experience, small enough to be friendly/cozy, but big enough to pull off the whole convention experience. If you have friends and family that aren't particularly fond of gaming, but have other interest in the sci-fi or fantasy genres, there is more available to see and do, than time will permit for the weekend. smile.gif
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