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Hello Dumpshock!

I've made some sheets that may be handy! Tought I could share them.
There are probably some spelling errors and some shortened descriptions that would use a bit of brain to decipher! wink.gif

I'm going to make a magic one aswell! smile.gif

Skill Sheet
Ranged Sheet
Melee Sheet
Vehicle Sheet
Magic Sheet

Take care

No comment at all? Useful or not useful? smile.gif
Got a sweet sweet error message. Maybe others may have better luck?
Oh... last link was wrong, it's fixed. Now they all work for me
Very nice sheets Im impressed.

I would be interested in seeing the magic and vehicle ones too.
I approve. It seems to be very handy. Did you make these with 4 or 4a?
I liked them. Few things that didn't seem so necessary to me, but I honestly don't know what I would have replaced them with, so no real harm in that. If I ran a tabletop game I'd likely print them out and stick them to a folder or something to make a GM screen.
Not bad, thanks for sharing.
QUOTE (booher @ May 6 2010, 03:59 AM) *
I approve. It seems to be very handy. Did you make these with 4 or 4a?

I did them with 4a.

Thanks for the replies, working on the vehicle sheet at the moment!
I can't seem to get them. Is there a secret I need to know?
How are the Vehicle/Magic Sheets coming along?

Any chance you'll do a hacking one?
Well it's nice to see these tables in one place. Too bad there wasn't room to put the social skill modifier table on the skills page. Good job overall though.

Wow! These are absolutely beautiful. You definitely deserve respect for these. I'll be printing out these and using them, that's for sure.

As an aside, I don't know if you'd consider letting me host them on my Shadowrun site. I get quite a bit of traffic there so they'd get a fair few downloads. I started doing something like this myself a while back, but quite frankly yours are far nicer. Just an offer, anyway.

Lovely work,

Knasser: Just host as much as you want! wink.gif No problem

Mantis: Yeah, the social modifiers table are too big I think. Maybe I'll try to squeeze them in...

Legs: Having a brief pause from shadowrun work. But it will come along with the magic one. I don't know if I will make one for hacking. Kinda dislikes the hacking rules and are looking for alternatives.

Rand: No secret, just download. You need Adobe Reader.

Thanks for the replies!
What program do you use to make these?
They look great, better than the ones I started a while back.

P.S. (one of my pet peeves) dices is not a word; die is singular, dice is plural.
Looks great, i refuse to print out anymore cheat sheets tho, im already drowning in the things nyahnyah.gif
but yeah, great work, i might still print them out eventually, if they prove to be good ^^
I have updated the first post with the Vehicle Sheet

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Legs: I use InDesign CS4
MJBurrage: Sorry, I'm a Swede wink.gif
Vehicle Sheet has no mention of Signature. Oops. Might wanna fix that.
Udoshi: I can't make it to fit in... frown.gif I made a reference for the sensor checks.
When can we expect the Magic one?


Magic Sheet is up! Check first post!
Not enough room for spirits in this one. Will probably make a seperate spirit one later.
These are very helpful. Thanks for the nice quick sheets.
These are great. I am getting ready to start up playing again and these will be nice to have as a reference.
Very nice, but please fix the spelling/grammar mistakes. Otherwise, awesome job!
Samoth: Well, as I wrote above, english is not my native language, so please post the spelling/grammar mistakes, and I will fix the spelling/grammar mistakes! wink.gif
Hey, any chance of a Matrix quick sheet going up?

That'd really help us in our game.


QUOTE (Ezzeran @ May 24 2010, 12:28 PM) *
Hey, any chance of a Matrix quick sheet going up?

That'd really help us in our game.

Ditto. These are awesome!
I know this post have some time, but this work needs to be recognised.

These are great, thanks a lot.
The Lorax
Wow these are great. Thank you for sharing them!!!
Good stuff. My groups was most appreciative.
Nice, very nice. I will definitely use these.
Very impressive work. My jealousy is only overcome by my desire to use your superior creations.
Do you have plans to make one for matrix related actions as well?
QUOTE (Radical-B @ May 29 2010, 11:11 PM) *
Do you have plans to make one for matrix related actions as well?

No plans yet, I'm sorry. The reason for that is the matrix rules itself, but that is another worn out topic.

I'll try fix the spelling errors someday soon! Thanks for all the nice replies!
Saint Sithney
Thanks again for sharing these with us. Spelling errors aren't really a big deal. Anyone familiar with the system should know what's being said.
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