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Full Version: Cyber Skull and Cyber Eye/Ears
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Hey all, I've recently broken out my 4th ed. in hopes of joining a gameand started going through creating characters. Right now I'm working on a near-cyborg (full cyber-body) and came up with a question I need to ask.

I know leg and arm replacements are total machine parts but torso and skull are just supposed to be shells over what is left. Each Cyber-part has X amount of capacity in them that do not cause essence loss for individual components installed there and the Cyber skull shows it has 4 slots. My question is does this work for installing cyber eyes and ears in a cyber-skull? If so how much capacity do eyes and ears take up?

I'm sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but it's been a long time since I've been here and I'd have no idea what to search for...8P
Dakka Dakka
Cybereyes and -ears do not have a capacity rating and as such cannot be installed into cyberskulls. You have to pay for them with additional Essence loss.
Didn't think so...bummer...8P
Thanks for the reply!
Nope. There's no special synergy between the cyberskull and any senseware. If you think about it, the eyes and ears are largely internal organs with a lot of nervous connections to the brain. And the cyberskull, as you noted, is mostly just a shell- almost entirely external.

If you look in Augmentation, there's even rules for getting a single cybereye and sticking it someplace you wouldn't normally have an eye. It even suggests doing this with a cybertail. Guess what- you get no essence savings.

As a work around, you might make cameras, glasses, or goggles a built in device for your cyberskull. Pretty good alternative to cyber-eyes, actually. If you really wanted to, you could even remove your own eyes and run the output into your brain through DNI. No benefit to doing so (except it might make you more resistant vs harsh environments, aerosol contact vector toxins, etc), but it does play up the whole cyborg thing nicely.
Use this to build a human mech out of 4 cyberlimbs, a cybertorso and a cyberskull -- it figures all the basic options for you, like body (and average body that you use to roll on when you take normal damage), agility, strength, capacity, cost, availability.
Excel version
Open Office version
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