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Full Version: SR4A Character sheets....where?
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So, I went to the SR4 site to get the current character sheet. I figure "Hey, SR4A has been out in dead tree 8 months, and PDF even longer, they should have these up by now, right?"

Imagine my surprise to see that that is not the case. Now, yes, I have the PDF of the book, so I can just print those up from there. However, since not everyone owns the PDF,
and since the SR4A sheet *IS* much better then the original SR4 sheet, I would think that the official site would be having the sheet from the current edition of the rules up
on it, especially as MANY months ago, there was a post that it would be up in a week.

Is there a link somewhere to the SR4A sheet that I am just missing because of sloppy layout in the Game Resources section of the SR4 site? Or is the SR4A sheet not
posted in the Game Resources section of the site, and that is why I cannot find it? If it is somewhere else on the site, could someone please tell me which section of the
site it is under?
found this with a 30 second google search...
Blackb1rd, while that is good, I am curious why those are not up on the official site?
Apparently, all of the related Resources are still SR4 (not SR4A) filesThe SR4A Character Sheet that Blackb1rd found was extracted from a copy of the SR4A PDF and cropped from U.S. Letter to A4 in size.

I have not been able to find another copy of the SR4A sheet online.
The SR4A sheet is up on the site, but it's not on the Resources page because "do a proper damned updating of the Resources page" had been an unloved item on my TODO list for ages (that task had a bunch of sub-items, of course) and had mentally been combined with "when you implement the whole site redesign you planned out but never got the hours to do." is a direct link to the sheet.
Thanks Adam! love.gif
Now if someone would make that PDF form-fillable...
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