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Full Version: EcoTerrorism in 207x
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Not being as familiar with Shadowrun 4 as I was with 3e I was hoping someone could direct me to references in current source materials on Sierra First, and other Ecoterrorist groups. Thanks.

(Yes I'm sifting through threads, and Google, but sometimes other people have more time and better Google-fu. So if you're going to bitch, do it in your own thread.)
The only deep green group spotlighted so far in SR4 is a new Amazonia-based faction called Primeira Vaga which plays a major role in Ghost Cartels. They are loosely affiliated with Green Cells and TerraFirst but that's about it. Passing mentions have been made to other groups in several of the SR4 location books but none have been a significant plot point and no material has been yet released comparable to the coverage given in SR3's Loose Alliances.

(Note: I believe you may be confusing the Sierra Inc special interest group and the TerraFirst! terrorist group)
Yeah, I absolutely did make that mistake. Sierra inc., TerraFirst! Damn, embarrassed.gif Good thing one of us knows what he's talking about. I have a copy of Ghost Cartel's, so I'll look into PV.
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