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Full Version: Specialized Arrowhead Availability
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I have a question about the availability of specialized arrowheads. The info on page 13 of Cannon Companion says that arrowheads add to the availability of the arrows to which they are attached, but the time for the items are different. The question is are the times additive or do you just take the larger of the two? For example; would the availability of the Ranger-X arrow (4/36 hrs) with an explosive head (+2/1 wk) be 6/204 hrs or 6/1 wk?

Still having a bit_bucket for a head.
I think they would be additive, but there is only so much you can pack into an arrowhead
I'd imagine that the arrowheads would be bought separately from the arrows themselves (or, COULD be, and thus would be). Then, the explosive arrowheads for that arrow type would have their time, with the added availability, while you could get some arrows (with std heads, etc) from your normal supplier.

Remember that most high performance arrows (that runners would use) are modular affairs -- you can unscrew your two-bladed arrowhead, and attach a blunt, or attach an explosive tip, or attach a head that whistles, etc.
I understand that the arrows would be modular in nature. biggrin.gif I wouldn't expect it to be otherwise, but the buying of arrowheads separately seems to be going against the intent of the rules. Otherwise, why didn't the authors just leave out the pluses and give straight prices? Also, if you treat arrowheads as separate then I would think that the availability would be way too low. Most of the availabilities are +1 with one +2 and two +4's. This makes most arrowhead's availability less that the arrows that they are attached. Is there anywhere else in the rules that has add-ons similar to the arrowheads? This might give some guidance for additions.
Maybe they meant that the specialized arrowhead availability is +X over the arrows they are made for.

For example:

An incendairy arrow head is +4/2wks

So if buying an incendairy arrow head for an arrow for a bow it would be: 7/2wks since arrows are 3/36hr

If it was for a crossbow then an incendairy arrow head for a bolt would be: 9/2wks since a bolt is 5/36hr

This would be to purchase the arrowhead seperately from the arrow and put them on when they arrive. Its sort of hooky as most arrowheads are interchangable between bolts and arrows. But maybe in the future the crossbows are power enough to require tuffer arrowheads then a bow???

Just a thought


I shoot a 65# compund, I use 7112 arrows from eastman.
if I shot a 90# compund, I would ahve to get stiffer arrows, probably more like a 7212
if I shoot a 150# crossbow, I need really stiff arrows, and probably a different layout on my fletching.

there are lots of different arrows today. as for heads though, there is a standard screw in adapter for heads. But, you still need the correct wieght on the arrowhead for the arrow to fly where you expect it to go, this is more a personal preferance, but it is still important, I shoot 150 grain 3 blade broadheads, and 150 grain target points, and I have a 150 grain blunt (for rabbits) they all shoot the same, but If I changed arrow type, or head weight it would be back to the range to reset all my sight pins...

so while matching is important, mcb is right, the heads should be the same avail between a crossbow and a regular bow... they are today...

-MIke R
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