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Full Version: Real Drones
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This is just damn cool...

thought i'd
Xahn Borealis
And here's one for the iPhone, which includes a built-in camera and AR games (dogfights against robots) as well as wi-fi connectivity with other iPhones for multiplayer AR games.

Oh yes.
Okay now i want one....wonder if I can get it in the US and how much it would cost?
Luckily I already have an
Nooow I have a reason to get an iphone. I wonder if they will make the app run with the 3G iPad. Then I will definatly get one of those too!
Those are awesome! All I need now is a slightly larger armed version...
Xahn Borealis
Apparently, according to their twitter page, they're officially unveiling the AR.Drone at E3.
and here is the T1000

well in a few years maybe.
Xahn Borealis
More than a few?
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