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I have been keeping a record on my website of the last few games of Shadowrun we have played. If anyone is interested, this is the latest and most fun game we've played so far.

Another week, another shadowrun. This time Pitrre (Elf face) was acting as our Johnson and the mission was to intercept an artwork as it was being moved from a secure location to an airport by the Knight Errant security firm. The company we were stealing from, Wuxing, is a triple A rated company, one of the top ten in the world.

We decided to split up our forces to cover more ground. Dain (Dwarf close combat specialist) and Oberon (Pixie mage) scouted out the warehouse where the artwork was being kept. Meanwhile Violet (Elf adept), the Dr (Troll tank) and Kirika (Elf gunslinger) made their way to the airport to check out security.

There turned out to be very little to see at the warehouse, with no easy way inside, so Dain and Oberon waited for the main doors to open and the convoy to embark. The convoy itself consisted of several motorcycles, two roadmasters (armoured trucks) and a luxury sedan. Oberon hitched a ride on top of one of the roadmasters while Dain followed on his motorcycle.

Things started to go pear-shaped when the convoy split in two, with one of the roadmasters and a bike breaking from the main group. Oberon briefly stuck with his ride, but eventually flew home to Snohomish with plans to return on the astral plane. The main convoy then split again with the luxury sedan taking an exit off the motorway.

Meanwhile Violet was talking her way through security at the airport posing as an employee of the very company we were planning to rip-off, with the Dr as her bodyguard and Kirika as a security specialist. Her cover was that she was checking out security at the site to make sure it was up to scratch. Luckily the airport was quite small and the employees were easy to push around. Airport security even left with little fuss when she dismissed them from the site.

The first group to arrive at the airport was the luxury sedan and out stepped two Wuxing employees. What followed was an epic battle. On the physical plane the Dr tangled with both of the Wuxing employees, while a third employee, a mage still inside the car, did everything he could to counter Oberonís magic. Violet fired her pistol into the combat relying on the Drís superior toughness to see him through, but eventually changed targets to the mage, gunning him down in the process. This allowed Oberon to finally kill the last remaining employee with a manabolt cast by his spirit.

The Dr suggested they search the car for the artwork, but at the same time Dain alerted the team that the rest of the convoy was rapidly approaching the airfield. The Dr hotwired the Wuxing car and they hightailed it across the landing strip and down a dirt track while Violet and Kirika tore the car apart from the inside.

Both search and escape were successful. They found the artwork in the car AND made good their escape at the same time! The Wuxing luxury sedan was later torched along with the bodies and any other evidence of the crime. The team went to ground in a nearby safehouse (except for Oberon who was still safe and sound in Snohomish) and the Knight Errant never found them.
How is the mage casting while projecting? This isn't 4th Ed you are playing, is it?
Oberon was dropping spirits of man and directing them to cast. The enemy mage was counterspelling and banishing.

Definitely 4th ed.
Ok cool. You are complying with the Innate Spell errata?

EDIT: Otherwise Spirits of Man get out of hand quickly.
What is that?
The Innate Spell ability of Spirits of Man is unable to overcast.

v bleh. was wrong
Its present in my copy of the book, actually!

But its in the Spirit of Man's description, not Innate Spell's description, on page 303.
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