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Full Version: Future of eBooks: Hopefully future SR products will be like this
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Shinobi Killfist
Okay that would be awesome especially things like rotating a image. That very well might make the PDF surpass paper for me, and I'm a fairly solid paper hold out.
I have the issue of Wired on my iPad. It seems to work well, although the price of $5 for the issue seems a bit steep.

One of the things is the thought behind the design of the magazine vs the underlying tech. Left to right are each section or ad and to read further into the section, you go top to bottom.

So right to get to the Rants editorials and then read each one by going down. Right again to go to the next section or article.

It'd be interesting to see if the core rules could be laid out in such a way as to take advantage of the tech. Left to right for headers and down to read about the section.


I have a hunch that the $$$$$ required to obtain this software/service is beyond the release of almost every hobby game publisher.

I saw a demo of some similar software at a publishing conference I attended last month, but it has pricing that is "Give us your contact information and we'll call you." so there's at least 4 zeros in there, and maybe 5.

That said, the Wired app is pretty neat, although I have some nitpicks with it:
until this is a defined format that works on a multitude of devices, i am not interested. Give me a device with a screen size that can handle US letter or A4 natively at no more expense then a single hard cover RPG book and i would probably switch to pdf at the table.
I may be just too tired this morning to get the wow factor, but I don't see anything new or amazing here. It just looks like the logical progression of the PDF format which I love and embrace already. I really don't think that new digital formats of books are the key to the elimination of paper. It will be great, intuitive, perfect analogy of books will be the replacement. To get this e-paper needs to improve in performance (to the level of an LCD) and it needs colour. With both of those, eye strain will not occur and visual quality will not be an issue. It will be like reading a book or magazine but without the paper.
PDFs have had the capacity to embed 3D interactive objects since Acrobat 7.

Most folks haven't been taking advantage of it, though.

I don't think 3D is the answer to nextgen e-books or what have you. I love my Kindle and for reading a magazine or novel, I have very few complaints, but I feel like there is something missing to really be the next step here and while 3D is kinda cool for a minute, its not going to carry me away.

I'm thinking interactivity, with other readers and the author, could be a legitimate next step. Real-time trends and user ratings tend to draw my attention to things and having the ability to view both on something I am thinking about reading adds value. I don't need to waste my time reading something that "sucks".

I do like Adam's comment on customizing a TOC for re-reading.
i wonder if the collection of articles approach, unless the collection is centered on some theme, is going down the drain.
Actually, reading about the Wired iPad emag shows why this should not be the future...
...500 meg, static images instead of pdf, no searching, no copy'n'paste.

That's not what I want in an e-product.

An iApp would be much better...
...Shame it's not real easy to put together.
it was supposed to be more interactive, until apple nixed flash as a valid iphoneos development environment...

makes one ponder that the SR matrix was initially a fuchi "standard"...
Bob Lord of Evil
QUOTE (KarmaInferno @ Jun 2 2010, 06:26 PM) *
PDFs have had the capacity to embed 3D interactive objects since Acrobat 7.

Most folks haven't been taking advantage of it, though.


Agreed, also you can embed video and audio into PDF's with little problems. PDF's have significant multi-media capability right now that they can stand on their own...if people would make use of said features. In a lot of ways...I think that PDF's are actually superior to print, especially when you use the search function to go through your SR library for a key word.
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