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Full Version: Aztec Mythology
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Ancient History
I actually mention Mayincatec in the Aztlan draft.
if Aztlan follows een half of thos tropes it should give the players nightmares. Human Trafficking into Aztlan should raise a few eyebrows.

Or having some of the players contacts disappear for no readily apparent reason.

Or a friend.

A Loved One.

or...well you get the idea.

SR has sorta ignored the full vicious aspects of The Aztlaner religion as sooner or later the priests will run out of sacrifices because the truly devout will begin looking outward for more sacrifices. "Flower Wars" Between Aztlan and Amazonia, anyone? Or The PCC and CAS

And oh yeah, just the thing for dealing with that excess population that is giving you trouble and boosting your magical power though the roof.

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