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I'm starting up a new game pretty soon and the runners are going to be Seoulpa affiliated...which lead to some fun. I know that Vice and Drug Cartels has some info on the rings, and I have an idea what I'd like to do, but I'm looking for any other good sources (books, adventures, whatev) for info on the rings and if at all possible specifically their operations in Cal-Free/LA or just...not Seattle...
IIRC, the Rings really are just local players in Seattle, so you're unlikely to find too much about them elsewhere.
They feature in the Ghost Cartels adventure. There is some background on the players and their dealings specifically with Tempo but you can flesh that out. The Rings are pretty much just a North American or maybe just Seattle thing. Criminal organizations in Korea are called the Jo Pok and are more like your traditional criminal gang.
I was quickly coming to the realization that the only info I could really get was Seattle info...which is fine since I can take it and run with it. I was just curious if there was significant information in any other books.

Thanks for the help smile.gif
I don't think you'll find much info about the Seoulpa rings outside of Seattle because if I remember right that's really the only place they exist.

If you're doing an adventure outside Seattle then you have 4 real options:
1) Use them anyhow and pretend that the events that lead to them forming happened in your location
2) Make up a similar group with similar background and interests
3) Pick some other crime organization
4) Move the adventure to Seattle

All work, it's your world after all.

Ghost Cartels will feature heavily on one particular ring
[ Spoiler ]

but that's only in the first of three main story arcs.
I've essentially settled on the way I am going to play off how things work with the ring in the local it ends up in. I'm just searching for more info on their SOP and the like.
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