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Full Version: Gear Modification
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Are there rules anywhere for paying someone else to modify your weapon(s) or vehicle(s) for you?
Not exactly. I usually just charge parts plus a 20-50% markup depending on how ridiculous the threshold is if you're not going through a contact.

Now, if you're getting it done as a personal favor from a contact instead of just paying some shmuck from the auto body shop, I just take whatever the parts cost is and compare it to the kind of loans that contacts are willing to give out. So getting an ejection seat installed costs only 500 nuyen in parts, which falls under the threshold of being a Low Risk loan, which is a rating 2 favor. So basically I'd figure that all but the lowest rating Mechanic contact has the time and equipment to just up and do that thing for you gratis provided you haven't been welching on earlier deals. You could also come up with some scheme based on the Threshold too, since technically that's the more accurate way of finding out how much of the Contact's time that would take, but I prefer not to since a higher nuyen cost usually comes with a commensurately higher Threshold to beat as well anyway, and it's obviously easier to compare the parts cost to the Favor table than it is to compare the Thresholds.
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