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Full Version: Dwarfism in the Sixth World
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Kind of a random thought just occurred to me: how do the little people of the Sixth World feel about dwarfs, and vice versa? Presumably, achondroplasia didn't just vanish in 2011.
They might have all expressed as dwarfs, there's wierder stuff out there.
Now imagine a DWARF with achondroplasia . .
Their speech can only be described as some sort of variation on the Scots language, usually Glaswegian in the clans encountered so far, although William the Gonnagle (from a different clan) has a softer, Highland accent. They are notably strong and resilient, which comes in handy given that male Feegles (almost all of them) tend to be notoriously rowdy as a lifestyle.

The Feegles spend their time drinking, fighting and stealing, alone or in various combinations. The immense strength and rowdiness of these pictsies means that they will fight anything, and they have a particular fondness for headbutting creatures far larger than themselves. In a good fight, a Feegle will take on all comers, fight his fellow Feegles, with such enthusiasm that makes missing someone hazardous ("Crivens! I kicked meself in ma ain heid!").
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