I am really excited by the flood of new material available for Shadowrun by disenfranchised freelancers. (I am sorry for their predicament, but excited about the shift to what the Shadowrun Community used to be. (Nerps, and Plastic Warrior Days.)

My question is mainly for freelancers.

So you now able to publish their materials separately from a line developer, but having gone through the editing process, I am wondering if there is anything that is edited out that you would like to put back into these?

We are not limited by word counts, etc because these aren't really going to print. As someone that wants to do some free layout and design, I want to make these resources all that the original author intended it to be.

Do you feel like you are bound to hold up canon or is it worth throwing in alternate resources and ideas, where you would like it to go instead of something that is "Sanctioned"

I completed a draft mock-up of Bobbie's "The Untethered" in 6 hours. (It takes about 30 minutes a page, if you have your master pages setup, but I have been playing with making images and throwing around layout formats) I want to make sure that if I throw that amount of time (as I expect 15-30 page resources in the future) I want to make sure that the author is happy with it. I have no loyalties to a publisher or canon. (actually I dislike canon)

Any thoughts/feedback? I think I am going to get proper master pages setup, then rejig "The Untethered" then move onto something by JongWK.