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Full Version: Shadowrun TCG Expansion Project
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So, it's 2010, and 12 years later, me and some friends still play the Shadowrun TCG regularly, and have tons of fun, having pretty epic 3-6 player all-night sessions. However, in the last 2 or 3 years, we have grown a bit saturated, not with the game itself, but with the fact we have nothing new to play with.

A few years ago, I learned that there was supposed to be a second expansion, Corp War, together with a 2nd run of the main set. These, sadly, never happened, as the game ended with Underworld. And while there are some fan-made sets or groups of cards on the web (like Amerindian, The Containment Zone, Street Life, etc), we want to do a new expansion based on what FASA was planning to do with the game.

Hence, Corp War. We want to do a complete expansion, around 80-100 cards, do a blog detailing the development of it, and be faithful to the events and the concepts behind the TCG. We do not want to do something munchy and unbalanced, we don't want to churn out 400 cards and 4 sets and the kitchen sink, we want to do something that fits seamlessly into the existing game, playtest it extensively, and then make it available on the website for everyone to download the cards at print resolutions.

However, I only have a partial list of cards that were gonna be a part of the xpac (26, to be exact, only names and types of card), and i'm missing all others, which I know some people around the web might have, from the testing groups.

I'm an artist, and as such I would be doing completely new quality illustrations for all cards, even if I am provided with artwork from the unreleased set as reference. It wouldn't be correct to the artists that originally did those images to use them without their permission, as well as possible issues with CGL (or Topps, the licencing is a mess for CBT and SR).

As such, I'm looking for any and all information anyone might provide us about this - set lists, text, stats, art. We feel doing an unofficial expansion to the game based on Corp War would be great, and while cards themselves will have different art and possibly text and stats, having the correct names / text / stats for the cards would help the project achieve a level of fidelity to the source, the game, and enables us to have a solid basis for work - it's very different reading the sourcebooks and trying to come up with material, than actually having Runner names, and Gear names, that were gonna be used in the official work.

Sorry for the wall of text, and thanks for taking an interest in this.
Well, either there is no interest (doesn't surprise me, since the game has been dead for a long time), or anyone knowing anything don't want to post.

Either way, going forward with this, I think it won't bother anyone if I keep posting about this. So, correct me if i'm wrong, but for most of the Corp and Corp War material I need to create cool cards, I should check:

+ Blood in the Boardroom (primary focus)
+ Renraku Arcology: Shutdown (primary focus)
+ Corporate Download
+ Corporate Security Handbook
+ and maybe the recently released Corporate Guide, for any history they might have and info they might shed on the 59-60 period?

This would basically cover the 59-60 period on the TCG, similar to how Underworld roughly covered loose ends from 57 and concentrated on 58.
Might want to wait until Monday before you decide no one's interested. Any post over the weekend's not going to get as much attention since a lot of people browse the web when there's downtime at work. At least I do...well did, before I quit my job...
i guess a good place to look out for ppl interested/willing/able to help you on this would be the LackeyCCG forums, and (if you haven't planned on using it yet) i recommend you to get Magic Set Editor and create (a) new template(s) for (your) shadowrun (expansion(s)), because it could honestly simplify a community/teamwork-based approach to revitalize shadowrun through a new expansion. also some of the posters over there play shadowrun and you might even get some non-shadowrunners to help out (there is much more passion about ccgs on these forums obviously wink.gif )

i honestly haven't dived into the shadowrun ccg yet so i wont be able to help (haven't even read any rules yet), so i wont be of much help, but obviously it would be neat if there would be a shadowrun LackeyCCG unofficial update plugin (maybe call it SR'60 or something since you seem to be gunning for the late SR2 early SR3 era)

anyways gl hf as always =)

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