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Got a player who is a really big Doctor Who fan. She asked if she could have a Sonic Screwdrver and being a fan myself I set out to write one up. I am thinking a comlink with a sensor package built in but outside of that I am not sure. The comlink with an agent could handle opening alot of locked doors and things but what about old key and tumbler locks? For those who don't know the Sonic Screwdriver uses sonics to open traditional locks, cut and weld amongst other things. Any one have idea's? Would love to hear them.
You will need to give it a basic device rating of 8 or 9, maybe higher (if you are going for the actual sonic screwdriver the doctor has, otherwise give it whatever rating you feel is appropriate - I think 4 - 6 to represent it's total awesomeness). Also, it will be classified as just about averything in the B&E section, as well as the equivalent of a tool shop to it's rating. It should also possess all hacking & computer skills to it's device rating, so that it will be rolling double it's device rating for all those skills.
I think you want to nip that in the bud immediately. Or put Deadlocks on EVERYTHING. It just really, really reminds me of my early high school gaming days and the TWO Wolverine-clone street sammies I had in my group at the same time...*shudder*

If you're dead set on it,'re going to have to nerf the hell out of the abilities on the show. That and the psychic paper are solely so the Doctor can do anything and get anywhere the plot requires him to...and anyone who can see through psychic paper or anything that's Deadlocked is so they can have a way to stop him or keep him out.
Kanada Ten
An AI-piloted, optical scanning datajack, on a stick?
I am not aiming for the over the top abilities of the Doctors screw driver. I am thinking of something a lot less powerful but that has some of the flaver. So:

    a device rating of 4
    Hacking & computer skills
    Mini tourch
    Mag lock pass key

Could add or subtract a few things. The way I look at this is it's no worse than buying a agent for your comlink and kitting it out to be your pocket hacker.
I would still throw in an Autopicker.
Or sequencer, still use those?
A sonic screwdriver is -clearly- a high rating Power Focus with a custom enchantment to help defeat object resistance.

Oh, come on. You know the doctor's really a mystic adept in disguise. (i don't think i've ever seen him Project, so not a magician)
QUOTE (Udoshi @ Jun 5 2010, 02:18 PM) *
Oh, come on. You know the doctor's really a mystic adept in disguise.

Damn straight he is! @=)

Sonic screwdriver is a definite a game-breaker if done wrong. On the other hand, you could make the argument that half the things he uses that thing for are not really the sonic screwdriver doing stuff, but him doing the stuff and using the sonic to cover up his abilities. Scanning people for injuries or poisons? Maybe that's his adept power coming out. @=)

Seriously, though, I would leave out mini-torch because it doesn't actually project flame. Cutter is okay because I can see that just being a refined & sustained sonic burst. Commlink, no. Even if it can track signals, it's not actually receiving and sending "radio traffic". I'd mock something up from the sensor gear to give it the ability to track certain signals and radiation, though.

If you want to twink it, maybe add in a 2d6 stun attack feature for the whole "high pitched burst to throw players off balance." 1D6 physical damage to small objects (security devices), if you want. Unless you just want to cover that with hacking and not give your player the ability to short out cameras or bugs with the thing?
I don't see it as a comlink at all, personally.

Autopicker, sequencer, and magloc passkey, yes. Ditto with the cutter and the idea of it doing a little damage through a sustained sound burst. If it gets to be much more than a fancy B&E tool, it may end up being game-breaking.

What an awesome concept, though. It would have to be expensive as hell, but oh, oh so worth it for the cool factor.
The reason I was thinking comlink was to mimic it's ability to reprogram and repair computers (Cybermen anyone?) Really all I am thinking of doing is putting several tools any Shadow Runner would already have in one piece. Kinda the Shadow Runners Swiss Army knife for 2072.
I would say it's a general-purpose nanobot hive, with about a dozen different 'formulas' written up.

Not sure why people keep saying a commlink. I don't believe he ever used it to communicate with anyone.
Because commlinks are what does all the hacking. nyahnyah.gif
My solution.

Possession based ally Task Spirit in a screwdriver vessel.
Dynamo Dave
I'd make it a universal nanite toolkit that simply changes into whatever basic tool you need, from a normal screwdriver to an autopicker to a mini torch. Complete with a buzzing sound as it shifts. Not quite Doctor Whoish but still nice.
Oehler the Black
QUOTE (DireRadiant @ Jun 5 2010, 04:55 PM) *
My solution.

Possession based ally Task Spirit in a screwdriver vessel.

Perhaps mix with a short range sprayer delivery mechanism of Hacking Nanites, combined with a high grade hacking agent for best results.

While we're on the subject why not in-fact have the Task spirit inhabit the actual nanohive?
Or you could just say that it's a magical Earthdawn artifact that rolls X number of dice on Y type of tasks.
My two favorites so far are the nanohive and the Task Spirit. Gods, now I have to make myself one of these things...

I would reduce it's power but allow it.

Skinlink-modified so that it can interface with other electronics by touch
maglock passkey r4
sequencer r4-don't have to crack open casing but has to touch keypad
autopicker r6
pocket hacker-has to be touching the physical terminal, can hack local machine only
tag eraser

Special Abilities-to use one of these abilities the character must spend a point of edge, the ability lasts for the duration of the scene, GM's discretion
camera neutralizer r4
HERF projection-see arsenal entry on the HERF gun
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